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Bad Internet

Bad Internet

5 Episodes

A satirical anthology series about the terrifying potential futures of internet technology and culture. Not at all similar to any other shows about technological overreaching.

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Bad Internet
  • The President Goes Viral

    Episode 1

    With the threat of a catastrophic event that could kill millions, the President of the United States struggles to get the word out.

  • The Year-Long Ad Experience

    Episode 2

    A couple discovers they can live the rest of their lives ad free... but first they must experience one ad for an entire year.

  • Uber, But Like For People

    Episode 3

    A new app lets you earn money while you sleep - and creep everyone out at the same time.

  • Which of The “Friends” Are You?

    Episode 4

    In a future where society is divided into groups based on a Buzzfeed quiz… Choose wisely.

  • Your Search History Revealed

    Episode 5

    One family weathers the greatest disaster that could befall civilization: Everyone’s Internet search history is made public.