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Big News

15 Episodes

A collection of special previews for our exclusive new content, available on Dropout.

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Big News
  • Um Actually Trailer

    Episode 1

    CollegeHumor cast member Mike Trapp hosts this even bigger, better, longer version of UM, ACTUALLY, the pedantic game show where nerds correct nerds.

  • Cartoon Hell Trailer

    Episode 2

    Drawfee presents this look into the underworld, where Caldwell and Nathan are doomed to create cartoons for all eternity. With intro vocals by Weird Al Yankovic!

  • See Plum Run Trailer

    Episode 3

    The team behind Precious Plum and Very Mary-Kate presents this even bigger, better, longer version of "Precious Plum" in which Plum and Mama battle it out for student body president.

  • New app! Very shiny! Must Try!

    Episode 4

    Watch and read all your favorite DROPOUT content in an app so fancy it would make a king say, "That seems a little much." Not to mention support for Chromecast!

  • WTF 101 Trailer

    Episode 5

    The people who brought you Adam Ruins Everything drop a new dose of freaky facts and horrifying history in all their cartoon glory. New clips on YouTube and new full episodes every week on DROPOUT.TV.

  • More Dimension 20 On The Way

    Episode 6

    Brennan Lee Mulligan has a new announcement about Dimension 20 that you can't miss. Even if you were firing into half-cover in dim lighting conditions.

  • Total Forgiveness Trailer

    Episode 7

    How far would you go to pay off your student loans? TOTAL FORGIVENESS coming soon on

  • The Rank Room Trailer

    Episode 8

    Host and philosopher Katie Marovitch recruits comedians to answer life’s important questions. New series coming soon to DROPOUT.

  • Troopers Trailer

    Episode 9

    The Interstellar Legion continues its evil reign as a new batch of Troopers search for purpose, premiering on Dropout April 8th.

  • Escape from the Bloodkeep Trailer

    Episode 10

    Game master Brennan Lee Mulligan returns to DIMENSION 20 for an evil side quest, and this time, the villains are the heroes. Featuring an all-new cast full of familiar faces, ESCAPE FROM THE BLOODKEEP proves that being bad can be very, very good.

  • Special Dimension 20 Announcement!

    Episode 11

    Dimension 20 is coming to Austin! join Brennan, the D20 cast and very special guest Griffin McElroy (The Adventure Zone, My Brother, My Brother and Me) for a Dimension 20: LIVE! on Friday, July 5th as part of Roosterteeth's RTX. Get your tickets to RTX now!

  • Kingpin Katie Trailer

    Episode 12

    Katie’s making so many friends, and even more enemies. Can she run the cocaine game & stay clean?

  • The Unsleeping City Trailer

    Episode 13

    Dimension 20 returns with a new epic adventure set in New York City, city of dreams, talking rats, and pixie mobsters.

  • Um, Actually Season 2 Trailer

    Episode 14

    Mike Trapp’s trivia game show of nerdy corrections returns with even bigger and better guests.

  • A Message From Sam!

    Episode 15

    We're cookin' up more episodes of Game Changer!