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Cartoon Hell

Cartoon Hell

2 Seasons

Drawfee's Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe must spend eternity in Hell unless they make killer cartoons from viewers' suggestions.

Cartoon Hell
  • Weed Anime

    Episode 1

    Dankmaster Toku faces his sticky-icky nemesis Vape-geta in "Dragon Bong THC: To Be a Blazing Star."

  • Swankiest Space Bugs

    Episode 2

    Tuxedo Mosquito and Womantis butt-blast across the galaxy, but will Hot Dog Bug keep losing her bun?

  • Fruits vs. Vegetables

    Episode 3

    Sweet and savory GMOnsters battle for their honor—and their lives. Collect 'em all before they rot!

  • Elliot

    Episode 4

    Learn lessons of life and love from motley crew Elliot, Sharkaitlin, and especially Abdomen George.

  • Elderly Assassins

    Episode 5

    Hit woman, knitter, and the Assisted Killing Facility's nanatechnology expert—this is Agent Mee-Ma.

  • Cute Monsters

    Episode 6

    Cuddly crimefighters Puffslug and Mortimer take the law into their deadly widdle hands.

  • Cyborg Band

    Episode 7

    Spooky mysteries and virginal melodies await D. Rock and his cybernetic jamboree.

  • Combined Animals

    Episode 8

    The Zoosion pals teach kids that life is gross and being good gets you nowhere.

  • Knock-Off Norse Gods

    Episode 9

    Angsty teen Mel Rose and her sassy scythe stand in for ancient deities in this 100% original show.

  • Lizards with Careers

    Episode 10

    Camilla the sales-reptile just wants to stand out. Unfortunately for a chameleon, that's hard to do.

  • The Worst Thing

    Episode 11

    Plunge into the pharma cinematic universe starring godawful mascots Kid Doodoo and Dr. Piss.

  • Wheely the Muse

    Episode 12

    The damned cartoonists receive randomized suggestions from a sentient high-tech torture wheel.

  • Sexy Boy Skeletons

    Episode 13

    They're hip, humerus, and the baddest boneheads in the GY (the graveyard, if you're not hip.)

  • Weed Anime 2: The Reboot

    Episode 14

    Budding friends Hashley and Hazel grind through high school aided by their spirit guardians.

  • Ugly Babies

    Episode 15

    They may be ugly, but at least they're violent. A monstrous king rules them all on Baby Planet.

  • Triple-A Game

    Episode 16

    The ClickShape Masters must click all the shapes to unlock the ultimate, forbidden shape: circle.

  • A Very Special Potato

    Episode 17

    Tubular taters Yamuel and Gusset mash up morality in this Christian kids show.

  • Noggin'

    Episode 18

    Life's a slog; beware the nog hog. Wheely returns to inspire this boozy, milk-based universe.

  • What's Under the Bed

    Episode 19

    Monster babysitters from Nightmares, LLC tend to terrifying toddlers with vaping habits.

  • Fancy Dads

    Episode 20

    Aggmin returns for an epic dad battle between King Manny Babies and trickster magician Whoudaddi.

  • Rejected Toys

    Episode 21

    A farting aardvark and a doll with punching hair costar in this toy commercial -- er, show.

  • Pompaduels

    Episode 22

    Griefpool and Fluffy Jeff weaponize their hair in a squiggly world.

  • Indoor Sharks

    Episode 23

    Millennials Hammer Ed & Goblina clash with Boomer Shark in this cross-generational undersea sitcom.

  • Monsties

    Episode 24

    Viscount Slurpo and the Foldy Friends are on the case, but will Agent Human's overshare derail them?