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CH Live

CH Live

5 Episodes

Get a front row seat for live performances from classic CollegeHumor sketch and stand up shows, featuring some of today's best comedians before they were big.

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CH Live
  • Pete Holmes

    Episode 1

    Pete Holmes charms the crowd with tales of Facebook status updates, YouTube comments, and his balls.

  • Jacqueline Novak

    Episode 2

    Jacqueline Novak on breaking up, saving herself for marriage, and doggy style.

  • Christian Finnegan

    Episode 3

    Christian Finnegan delights the audience with tales of boob quadrants, drama club, and videogames,.

  • Jeff Rubin

    Episode 4

    Jeff Rubin discusses free newspapers and Italian barbers.

  • Josh Ruben

    Episode 5

    Josh gives the impression that he's a big fan of Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman.