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CollegeHumor Chaos

CollegeHumor Chaos

4 Episodes

Join the CollegeHumor cast LIVE for original games, silly challenges, audience Q and A, rejected sketches, behind-the-scenes trivia, and who knows what else by the time you finish reading this?

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CollegeHumor Chaos
  • We Put On a Lot of Clothes

    Episode 1

    Raph, Katie, Trapp, Grant, and Sam guess who’s 44 and play with weird Amazon products.

  • Psychic Game Show

    Episode 2

    Raph, Rekha, Brennan, Grant, and Sam spin the Wheel of Punishment and play sports drink or bodywash.

  • Truth Tower

    Episode 3

    Raph, Lily, Jess, Trapp, and Sam learn some new slang and try to create the worst taste.

  • Blow My Mind

    Episode 4

    Grant, Katie, Lily, Kellen, and Sam play charades and do the marshmallow challenge.