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Dimension 20: A Court of Fey & Flowers

Dimension 20: A Court of Fey & Flowers

10 Episodes

GM Aabria Iyengar and her pack of pixies prepare for the most magical event of the season.

Dimension 20: A Court of Fey & Flowers
  • A Bloom to Remember

    Episode 1

    Nobles of the Archfey gather to celebrate a surge of magic - and a surge in intrigue, gossip, and romance.

  • The Great Hart Hunt

    Episode 2

    Letters are sent, gifts are given, and unexpected connections are made as the Bloom takes shape.

    Content Warning: Self-harm (5:53, 46:45, 47:14)

  • Duel on the Southern Lawn

    Episode 3

    Lord Squak seeks discretion. Wuvvy seeks satisfaction. Andhera seeks redemption.

  • Seaside Teatime

    Episode 4

    Andhera and Hob spar. A new guest arrives. And tea is served.

  • Through The Hedge Maze

    Episode 5

    The pack of pixies navigate a hedge maze vying for the Crystal Heart.

  • Of One Mind

    Episode 6

    Hob seeks to uncover the truth. Chirp reveals a secret. Binx attempts to forge a connection.

  • The Masquerade Ball

    Episode 7

    The Lords of the Wing are revitalized. BINX helps Andhera. Everyone attends the ball.

  • The Rule of Sneakery

    Episode 8

    New rumors are spread. Rue investigates their own court. Hob awaits orders.

  • Theater of War

    Episode 9

    The pack of pixies conspire to stop the machinations that threaten magic throughout the realms.

  • You Will Never Know a Lonely Day Again

    Episode 10

    The pack of pixies attempt to save the connection between the fey realms and the material plane.