Dimension 20: A Crown Of Candy

Dimension 20: A Crown Of Candy

8 Episodes

Welcome to the realm of Calorum - a realm made of six food-themed lands. But this tale of sorrow and sweetness is that of the candy kingdom of Candia...

Dimension 20: A Crown Of Candy
  • There Is Strength in Sweetness

    Episode 1

    Jet and Ruby celebrate their Saint's Day. Amethar contends with an unwelcome invitation.

  • Ambush On the Sucrosi Road

    Episode 2

    The members of House Rocks come under attack from Carnish brigands...but not all is as it appears.

  • Keep Sharp

    Episode 3

    Ruby's magic complicates things. House Cheddar enters the picture. Preston finds some seeds.

  • The Grand Tournament

    Episode 4

    The day of the grand tournament has arrived - jousting, melees, archery, and...intrigue?!

  • Lapin's Big Day

    Episode 5

    Lapin has a big day. Amethar is made a powerful offer. Liam prepares for judgment.

  • Chaos in the Cathedral

    Episode 6

    An unexpected revelation at the trial of Liam has put all of House Rocks in grave danger.

  • Escape From the Bulb Creeps

    Episode 7

    Suffering a major loss, the remnants of House Rocks seek refuge from danger.

  • Deep Bleu Sea

    Episode 8

    As a storm rages, the Colby comes under attack - and the future of Calorum hangs in the balance.