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Dimension 20 Animated

Dimension 20 Animated

9 Episodes

Animators bring to life some of your favorite Dimension 20 moments.

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Dimension 20 Animated
  • Rick Diggins Is At Your Service

    Episode 1

    Rick Diggins, but not just Rick Diggins, is recruited. Animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

  • Do I Have A Fellow Student of the Stars Here As Well?

    Episode 2

    Lucretia and Lars dish about astrology. Animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

  • Cody Sells His Soul

    Episode 3

    A dastardly deal goes down at Hot Topic. Animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

  • The Price Must Be Paid

    Episode 4

    Arthur Aguefort saves two intrepid heroes, but at a costly price. Animated by Harry Clabon.

    Content Warning: Gun use / suicide.

  • Where's Your Bulb Now?

    Episode 5

    Chancellor Cadbury interrogates an imprisoned Sir Keradin Deeproot. Animated by DeepBlueInk.

  • Meet Bob

    Episode 6

    The Pearl of the Gold Gardens puts on a powerful performance. Animated by Jaime Aguilar.

  • A Drink at the Questing Beast

    Episode 7

    Evan works up the courage to buy Dream a drink. Animated by Yacine Konaté.

  • Casting Silence

    Episode 8

    At a low point, Sofia gives Ricky a space to vent. Animated by DeepBlueInk.

  • The Magic of Plug

    Episode 9

    The Gunner Channel is kept on their toes by Baustin's oddest shopkeep. Animated by Melina Caron.