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Dimension 20 Animated

Dimension 20 Animated

15 Episodes

Animators bring to life some of your favorite Dimension 20 moments.

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Dimension 20 Animated
  • Rick Diggins Is At Your Service

    Episode 1

    Rick Diggins, but not just Rick Diggins, is recruited. Animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

  • Do I Have A Fellow Student of the Stars Here As Well?

    Episode 2

    Lucretia and Lars dish about astrology. Animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

  • Cody Sells His Soul

    Episode 3

    A dastardly deal goes down at Hot Topic. Animated by DeepBlueInk Animations.

  • The Price Must Be Paid

    Episode 4

    Arthur Aguefort saves two intrepid heroes, but at a costly price. Animated by Harry Clabon.

    Content Warning: Gun use / suicide.

  • Where's Your Bulb Now?

    Episode 5

    Chancellor Cadbury interrogates an imprisoned Sir Keradin Deeproot. Animated by DeepBlueInk.

  • Meet Bob

    Episode 6

    The Pearl of the Gold Gardens puts on a powerful performance. Animated by Jaime Aguilar.

  • A Drink at the Questing Beast

    Episode 7

    Evan works up the courage to buy Dream a drink. Animated by Yacine Konaté.

  • Casting Silence

    Episode 8

    At a low point, Sofia gives Ricky a space to vent. Animated by DeepBlueInk.

  • The Magic of Plug

    Episode 9

    The Gunner Channel is kept on their toes by Baustin's oddest shopkeep. Animated by Melina Caron.

  • Liam Tries To Flirt

    Episode 10

    Liam Wilhelmina tries to turn on the charm in the Dairy Islands. Animated by DeepBlueInk.

  • Gunnie Buys a Maple Cake

    Episode 11

    Trying to stay alive, Gunnie purchases Fantanimalland's signature treat. Animated by Melina Caron.

  • Evan Kelmp Blasts a Kid Into the Underworld

    Episode 12

    Evan Kelmp teaches a Rosemont student an important life lesson. Animated by Avi.

  • The Lords of the Wing Spill Their Secrets

    Episode 13

    What have Lord Squak Airavis and Lady Chirp Featherfowl been hiding from one another? Animated by Melina Caron.

  • Cinderella's Mice Are Traumatized

    Episode 14

    Princess Rosamund du Prix comes across some mice in an abandoned house and learns the true story of Cinderella. Animated by Melina Caron, storybook art by Valentina Fiallo.

  • Riz and Baron

    Episode 15

    Riz Gukgak finally meets his romance partner Baron. Animated by Rebecca Snowden.