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Dimension 20: Burrow's End (The Complete Experience)

Dimension 20: Burrow's End (The Complete Experience)

Every episode of Burrow's End and Adventuring Party - in order!

Dimension 20: Burrow's End (The Complete Experience)
  • The Red Warren

    The denizens of the Red Warren and the Blue Forest respond to an unexpected threat.

  • Stoatal Recall

    The cast talk about their characters, Watership Down, and weird British diseases.

  • Bearing the Scars

    As the stoats seek safety, a grotesque and terrifying new threat arrives.

    Content Warnings:
    Body Horror / Gore [30:00 - 1:53:45]
    Misophonia (Wet, Squelching, Scratching, Crunching) [30:00 - 1:53:45]
    Child Endangerment [32:00 - 1:40:00]
    Flashing Video [1:39:06 - 1:39:10]

  • Does a Bear Get Eaten Out in the Woods?

    The cast talk about Aabria's first battle set and how nasty it all turned out.

    Content Warnings:
    Visible Animal Gore (throughout)

  • A Second Sun

    The stoats search for a new home. Thorn discovers something unexpected. Viola prepares for change.

    Content Warning:
    Misophonia (Squelching), Animal Gore, Body Horror [1:51 - 1:57]

  • I'm Here and I'm Jaysohn

    The cast talk about mothers, olympic deadlifters, and horny post-apocalyptic teen dramas.

    Content Warning:
    Description and mimic of a bodily injury [10:40 - 11:03]

  • Last Bast

    Our stoat family approaches a new warren, and attempt to prove their value.

    Content Warnings:
    Misophonia (Wet Cough, Hacking, and Spitting) [50:03 - 50:05]
    Animal Death [1:40:00 - 1:40:13, 1:41:45 - 1:42:33]
    Misophonia (Bone Popping) [1:42:08 - 1:42:10]
    Misophonia (Squishing) [1:42:23 - 1:42:26]

  • The Bast of Us

    The cast talk about immersive storytelling, oversharing grandmas, and hyperactive kids.

  • Protect the Light

    The stoats explore their new home, Last Bast, and discover a dark secret.

    Content Warning:
    Alcoholism (Of a Parent) [13:45 - 14:34]

  • Big Emotions Are So Fun

    The cast talk about that episode 5 lore drop and learn more animal facts.

  • Reactor Charlie

    The family discovers Last Bast isn't everything it seems.

    Content Warning:
    Child Endangerment [1:49:35 - 2:19:00]
    Misophonia (Flesh Tearing, Squishing and Splattering) [1:56:35 - 1:56:40]

  • The Burrito Was Achieved

    The cast compete in a puzzle quest and talk about meta gaming versus good production and anime sounds.

  • The First Stoats

    The family comes face-to-face with the leaders of Last Bast.

    Content Warnings:
    Misophonia (Bone Cracking) [26:18 - 26:21]
    Misophonia (Wet) [41:30 - 41:36]
    Misophonia (Squishing, Splattering, Squelching) [49:01 - 49:05, 1:15:26 - 1:15:28]
    Child/Teenager Death [26:18 - 26:21]
    Child Endangerment / ...

  • If I Had a Nickel

    The cast talk about all those secrets that were revealed in episode 7.

  • Five

    The stoats reel from their recent battle, and must deal with an uncertain future.

    Content Warnings:
    Description of Freezing To Death [9:00 - 11:11]
    Suicidal Ideation [12:45 - 14:33]
    Misophonia (Bones Cracking, Squishing) [56:23 - 56:28, 57:19 - 57:23]
    Misophonia (Flesh Tearing) [1:33:11 - 1:33:3...

  • Everything, Every Stoat, All at Once

    The cast talk about dads, the power of hats, and that tape.

  • Human

    The stoats prepare for conflict at Last Bast - and discover a surprising new ally.

    Content Warning:
    Description of Gore, Dismemberment [58:41 - 58:49]

  • Hey Girl Hey

    The cast gear up for the finale while Erika has a mukbang.

  • Evolution and Revolution

    The stoats make their final stand at Last Bast.

    Content Warnings:
    Body Horror & Gore [40:29 - 1:51:06]
    Endangerment of Children, Violence Towards Children [40:29 - 1:32:20]
    Loss of Autonomy, Mind Control [45:06 - 1:25:52]
    Self-Harm / Suicidal Ideation [47:40 - 47:34]
    Involuntary Parent To Child ...

  • Welcome to the Honk Honk Club

    The cast discuss what would happen if stoats actually became sentient in the real world.