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Dimension 20: Escape From the Bloodkeep

Dimension 20: Escape From the Bloodkeep

2 Seasons

Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan returns to Dimension 20 for an evil side quest, and this time, the villains are the heroes. Featuring an all-new cast full of familiar faces, Escape From The Bloodkeep proves that being bad can be very, very good.

Dimension 20: Escape From the Bloodkeep
  • Welcome to the Dark Side

    Episode 1

    The Lord of Shadows’s council discovers that invoking the apocalypse is harder than they thought.

  • Volcano of Violence

    Episode 2

    Efink reunites with an old flame. Leiland hits his limit. Markus negotiates with an unexpected ally.

  • The Caged Elf and the Crown

    Episode 3

    Maggie goes off. Lilith rallies the troops. Sokhbarr gets an I-told-you-so.

  • Airship Ambush

    Episode 4

    A battle in the clouds gets deadly. Markus defends his airship. Efink takes the wheel.

  • Bloodlines and Lifelines

    Episode 5

    Leiland earns a new honor. Maggie's family comes full circle. Lilith gives her children a choice.

  • The Tomb of Ultimate Evil

    Episode 6

    Our vile villains battle in the tomb of the Bloodkeep in the final showdown between evil and evil-er.