Dimension 20: Leviathan

Dimension 20: Leviathan

5 Episodes

It's a pirate's life for everyone in this RPG sidequest! Follow along as a group of buccaneer buddies cause all kinds of mayhem in the name of saving the floating city of Leviathan!

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Dimension 20: Leviathan
  • A Heaping Helping of Trouble

    Episode 1

    A mysterious artifact brings together a group of pirates scattered across the city of Leviathan.

  • The Daughter of Storms

    Episode 2

    The assorted pirates scramble over the mysterious stone - and discover a massive conspiracy.

  • Into The Sternwood

    Episode 3

    The buccaneer buddies enter the cursed forest of Leviathan and discover a few horrible truths.

  • I'm Worth This

    Episode 4

    At The Gold Gardens, Bob catches up with her parents, while Jack comes to terms with himself.

  • Scramble to the Ramble

    Episode 5

    The buccaneer buddies must race to the highest point of Leviathan to prevent doom.