Dimension 20 Live

Dimension 20 Live

14 Episodes

Brennan Lee Mulligan and The Bad Kids return to Aguefort Adventuring Academy for sophomore year, in a new LIVE chapter full of magic, fantasy, and teen angst.

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Dimension 20 Live
  • Sophomores Start

    Episode 1

    After Arthur Aguefort tasks them with a new quest, the Bad Kids work to put together a crew.

  • Mirror Madness

    Episode 2

    Adaine makes a new animal friend. Fabian and Ragh bond. Gorgug buys some wheels.

  • Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier

    Episode 3

    Gilear takes on his first battle. Riz fesses up. Fig gets her kisses in.

  • Heartache On the Celestine Sea

    Episode 4

    Gorgug tries to escape the doghouse. Ragh opens up. Adaine has a chilling encounter.

  • Leviathan Rock City

    Episode 5

    Fabian's reputation precedes him. Riz loosens up. Sandra Lynn schools Fig.

  • Pirate Brawl

    Episode 6

    Fig asks Adaine for help. Riz finds a big piece of the puzzle. Kristen shows off a skill.

  • The Friendship Section

    Episode 7

    Gorgug seeks answers. Adaine makes a new friend. Ragh gets some bad news.

  • The Row and the Ruction

    Episode 8

    Fabian loses his mojo. Riz makes a big move. Kristen sets things right.

  • Fallinel

    Episode 9

    Adaine has a tense reunion. Riz is out of his element. Gilear goes for it.

  • The Dangerous Mind of Aelwen Abernant

    Episode 10

    The Bad Kids attempt a jailbreak. Arthur Aguefort tries out some new magic. Adaine and Aelwen finally bond.

  • Revelations & Revivifications

    Episode 11

    The Bad Kids learn more about the Nightmare King and Kalina. Gorgug brings back an old friend. Brennan gets Skyped.

  • Crustaceans & Crushes

    Episode 12

    The Bad Kids arrive at Hollyhill. Ayda shares an important piece of information with Fig. Kalina makes her presence known.

  • Hellbound
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    Kristen discovers a defense against the infection. Fig plans a defense for her dad. Gorgug finally comes through.

  • Daddies & Demons

    Episode 14

    Riz wrestles with temptation. Fig gets a promotion. A few old friends return.