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Dimension 20: Misfits And Magic

Dimension 20: Misfits And Magic

2 Seasons

GM Aabria Iyengar brings you the tale of four American high schoolers swept into a world of wizards.

Dimension 20: Misfits And Magic
  • The Chosen Ones

    Episode 1

    Four American teenagers are summoned to an exclusive British magical academy.

  • Class Conflict

    Episode 2

    The magical misfits are sorted into their destined house and begin their first day of classes.

    Warning: Flashing Lights between 16:16 - 24:30

  • Family On Six

    Episode 3

    The misfits finish their first day of classes, explore scuppers, and strengthen their bonds.

  • We're the Heroes

    Episode 4

    The members of the Pilot Program must come together to take on their greatest challenge yet.