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Watch this video and more on Dropout

Watch this video and more on Dropout

Up Next in Season 1

  • Mirror, Mirror

    The group learn more about Mother Goose's book, and discover something terrible beyond the woods.

    Content Warning
    Hemophobia (35:32 - 37:13)
    Flashing Video (43:41 - 43:42)
    Flashing Video (1:19:34 - 1:19:35)
    Forced Transformation, Mind Control (1:54:02 - 2:01:34)
    Body Mutilation / Self-Inflicted ...

  • No Place For a Prince or Princess

    The heroes split into teams to extract the glass shard from the fallen Fairy Godmother.

    Content Warning
    Body horror (throughout)
    Depictions of dead animals (throughout)
    Mind control (throughout)
    Forced transformation (throughout)
    Harm to children (throughout)
    Harm to animals (throughout)

  • Once Upon a Time

    A new story begins...

    Content Warnings:
    Crawling bugs / misophonia (5:05 - 5:40)
    Violence against a child (19:18)
    Sudden appearance of a corpse (48:00)
    Flashing video (29:41 - 29:42, 1:14:32 - 1:14:40)
    Large amounts of rodents / musophobia (1:25:15)