Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

13 Episodes

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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party
  • Are the Dice Scripted?

    Episode 1

    The D20 cast discuss A Crown of Candy's premiere, Ally's clutch rolls, and more.

  • For the Corn Cuties!

    Episode 2

    The D20 crew talk the history of corn cuties and debate the pros and cons of being a satyr.

  • Choices & Voices

    Episode 3

    The gang discuss voices, other TTRPGs, and laughing at the idea Brennan can control any of them.

  • Zac's Big Day

    Episode 4

    The D20 gang discuss clutch rolls, wise choices, and decompressing after intense sessions.

  • The Jeff Goldblum Episode

    Episode 5

    The D20 gang discuss shocking plot developments and the erotic energy of Jeff Goldblum.

  • Welcome to Denny's

    Episode 6

    After one of the most eventful episodes of Dimension 20 ever, the gang discuss hard choices and what ifs.

  • We've Got Ink On Our Hands

    Episode 7

    The D20 gang discuss doing episodes without a full cast, The Goonies, and Ruby's big day.

  • War Crimes & Good Times

    Episode 8

    The gang discuss new PCs, hot hands, mod appreciation, and mythological yeeting.

  • Protest, Justice, and Black Lives Matter (Special Episode)

    Episode 9

    Brennan talks with important voices in the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Slammed Down, Big-Style

    Episode 10

    The gang discuss Lou's new sword, diner ice, and befriending monsters.

  • Soft Hugs
    Episode 11

    Soft Hugs

    Episode 11

    The gang discuss Ally & Zac's bits, warm moments, and Tom Cruise's big perfect butt.

  • Twinned Down, Big Business-Style

    Episode 12

    The gang discuss new PCs, grieving, and Beardsley family VHS rentals.

  • Choppy Skullduggery

    Episode 13

    Rick Perry joins the gang to talk battlesets, secrets, and electric glue.