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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

16 Seasons

A Dimension 20 talkback show where GM and players discuss the events of the latest episode.

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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party
  • The Illuminati Invented Sandwiches

    Episode 1

    The Questing Queens discuss playing D&D for the first time and middle school memories.

  • The Bloods and the Crypts

    Episode 2

    The cast talk about their first battle in the Underworld, Twyla's "creativity," and Alaska's bluetooth dice.

  • The Dice Tell the Story

    Episode 3

    The cast talk about how honesty is the best policy, character is destiny, and speculate what's to come.

  • The Gaming Super Bowl

    Episode 4

    The Questing Queens talk about the final battle and big, powerful emotions.