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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

16 Seasons

A Dimension 20 talkback show where GM and players discuss the events of the latest episode.

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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party
  • Yaaath Queen

    Episode 1

    The Intrepid Heroes talk about starting Junior Year in medias res and ask why the Night Yorb looks like Seth Rogen's pottery.

  • Fs Get Defgrees

    Episode 2

    The cast do a comedy autopsy on those tactical NPCs and learn about the British education system.

  • I Wanda'd In

    Episode 3

    The cast debrief on the Bad Kids' first day back at Aguefort Academy.

  • A Sea of Effluvia

    Episode 4

    The cast talk about the Rat Grinders, first jobs, and shrimp parties.

  • Can I Offer You a Nice Shrimp in This Trying Time?

    Episode 5

    The cast discuss the mall battle and its aftermath while having a non-sexual adult sleepover.

  • You Are the Chosen None

    Episode 6

    The cast talk about the sick party the Bad Kids threw, downtime, and breakfast sandwiches.

  • A Negroni and a Bowl of Spinach

    Episode 7

    Lou follows through on his promise and the cast discuss Brennan's eating habits.

  • I See Your Butt Plug and I Raise You a Fist

    Episode 8

    The cast talk about how many vultures can be trapped in a mall and admire the minis from the fair.

  • Emo People Meet at Panera

    Episode 9

    The cast discuss the mysteries they uncovered in the Far Haven Woods and have more food talk.

  • Cool Ranch Communion

    Episode 10

    The cast talk about farting in yoga class, god lore, and Secret Santa.

  • Chutes and Ladders

    Episode 11

    The cast ask Brennan how he prepares for encounters and speculate who the BBEG is.

  • Big Clue Energy

    Episode 12

    The cast talk about their confrontation with Baron and honk mimimi.

  • All Pulp, No Juice

    Episode 13

    The cast talk about going to hell and roll for how many siblings Fabian will have.

  • We're Running on 200%

    Episode 14

    The cast talk about the Last Stand and contemplate the nature of rage.

  • Nighttime Ecstasy

    Episode 15

    The cast discuss that wild end to the Last Stand and try on Ally's night glasses.

  • Honor the Cock

    Episode 16

    The cast celebrate Ally's birthday, talk about ASMR videos, and pitch merch ideas.

  • Five Years in the Making

    Episode 17

    The cast discuss that reveal and which public domain characters they would play in a D&D campaign.

  • Blimey
    Episode 18


    Episode 18

    The cast goes plus ultra Zoom energy.

  • Only Cowgirls Get the Blues

    Episode 19

    The cast discuss their battle with the Rat Grinders and what they would use cantrip for in real life.

  • Gotta Wrap It Up

    Episode 20

    The Intrepid Heroes decompress after that final battle while Brennan becomes his true self.