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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

16 Seasons

A Dimension 20 talkback show where GM and players discuss the events of the latest episode.

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Dimension 20's Adventuring Party
  • Say Hi, Sylvan Sleuths!

    Episode 1

    The Mice & Murder cast talk D&D experience, animals, and more.

  • Tisching All Over the Place

    Episode 2

    The sleuth squad talk animated pizza, romance, and bad rolls.

  • The Donkey Vibe

    Episode 3

    The sleuths talk about a very special nat 20, suspects, and what animals they would be.

  • Masculine Fertile

    Episode 4

    The cast discuss Bambi's hot dad, sing "Turtle Soup", and talk about why bad rolls suck.

  • She Already Happened

    Episode 5

    The cast talks Rekha's texts, the risk of death, and (theoretically) casting the Sylvan Sleuths.

  • The Roll That Broke Brennan

    Episode 6

    The cast talks how "The Roll" changed the campaign, keeping secrets, and Muppets.

  • The Kevin Bacon of Crime

    Episode 7

    The cast talks bathroom habits, laying pipe (as an idiom), and the many crimes of Grant O'Brien.

  • Fashion Show!

    Episode 8

    The cast tries on some fun new outfits while discussing twists, combat, and classes.

  • Ass-Ass-I-Ate

    Episode 9

    The cast discusses deciphering clues, watching fans solve the mystery, and more.

  • Farewell, Sylvan Sleuths!

    Episode 10

    The cast talks spoilers and favorite moments from the finale of Mice & Murder.

  • Behind-the-Screams (Crew Edition)

    Episode 11

    The behind-the-scenes people who made Mice & Murder talk minis, maps, editing, and more!