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Watch this video and more on Dropout

Watch this video and more on Dropout

Up Next in Dimension 20: The Ravening War (The Complete Experience)

  • Yonder Where the Fruit Do Be Lyin'

    The conspirators prepare for an ambush, with no idea who it is they're targeting.

    Content Warnings:
    Violence against animals (40:10 - 40:33)
    Flashing imagery (1:34:30 - 1:34:36)

  • On the Glucian Road

    The cast discuss the events of episode three, dissociating, and speculate what's next for the Scrumptious Scoundrels.

  • The Light and the Shadow

    Over the course of five years, the Ravening War takes a heavy toll on all of Calorum.

    Content Warnings:
    Flashing Video [41:59 - 42:12, 1:52:24 - 1:52:33]
    Misophonia (Bone Cracking) [1:17:51 - 1:17:58]
    Self-Harm [1:27:45 - 1:28:00]
    Misophonia (Squelching) [1:52:24 - 1:52:33]