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Dimension 20: The Seven

Dimension 20: The Seven

10 Episodes

Seven student adventurers must face their greatest challenge yet - graduation.

Dimension 20: The Seven
  • Party of Seven

    Episode 1

    A year after the events at the Mountains of Chaos, the seven maidens embark on a new school year.

  • In or Out

    Episode 2

    The Seven discover their party will be split up, unless they can acquire the greatest prize: a GED.

  • Big City Connections

    Episode 3

    The Seven do some sleuthing in Bastion City to track down a person of interest.

  • Stone Temple Pile-Up

    Episode 4

    Chased by ether beasts and harpies, the seven maidens gallop toward the Temple of the Earth Defiant.

  • Reflections

    Episode 5

    The maidens discover the true nature of their GED quest.

  • Belles of the Baronies

    Episode 6

    The maidens shop for clothes and attend a masquerade ball in the Baronese.

    Warning: flashing lights between 1:57:47 - 2:58:00

  • Bloppelganger Blitz

    Episode 7

    The Seven must spring to battle when mysterious oozes and unknown enemies attack the masquerade.

  • And Another Thing

    Episode 8

    The maidens pick up where they left off fighting aboard the Rombosa.

  • Time and Space

    Episode 9

    The maidens descend upon the Nekronomikron.

  • I Fucking Love You

    Episode 10

    The Seven must stop Talura from unmaking reality once and for all.