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Dimension 20

Dimension 20

22 Seasons

Heed the call of adventure and enter Dimension 20 where Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, joined by comedians and pro gamers, blends comedy with tabletop RPGs.

Dimension 20
  • A Bloom to Remember

    Episode 1

    Nobles of the Archfey gather to celebrate a surge of magic - and a surge in intrigue, gossip, and romance.

  • The Great Hart Hunt

    Episode 2

    Letters are sent, gifts are given, and unexpected connections are made as the Bloom takes shape.

    Content Warning: Self-harm (5:53, 46:45, 47:14)

  • Duel on the Southern Lawn

    Episode 3

    Lord Squak seeks discretion. Wuvvy seeks satisfaction. Andhera seeks redemption.

  • Seaside Teatime

    Episode 4

    Andhera and Hob spar. A new guest arrives. And tea is served.

  • Through The Hedge Maze

    Episode 5

    The pack of pixies navigate a hedge maze vying for the Crystal Heart.

  • Of One Mind

    Episode 6

    Hob seeks to uncover the truth. Chirp reveals a secret. Binx attempts to forge a connection.

  • The Masquerade Ball

    Episode 7

    The Lords of the Wing are revitalized. BINX helps Andhera. Everyone attends the ball.

  • The Rule of Sneakery

    Episode 8

    New rumors are spread. Rue investigates their own court. Hob awaits orders.

  • Theater of War

    Episode 9

    The pack of pixies conspire to stop the machinations that threaten magic throughout the realms.

  • You Will Never Know a Lonely Day Again

    Episode 10

    The pack of pixies attempt to save the connection between the fey realms and the material plane.