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Dimension 20

Dimension 20

22 Seasons

Heed the call of adventure and enter Dimension 20 where Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, joined by comedians and pro gamers, blends comedy with tabletop RPGs.

Dimension 20
  • There Is Strength in Sweetness

    Episode 1

    Jet and Ruby celebrate their Saint's Day. Amethar contends with an unwelcome invitation.

  • Ambush On the Sucrosi Road

    Episode 2

    The members of House Rocks come under attack from Carnish brigands...but not all is as it appears.

  • Keep Sharp

    Episode 3

    Ruby's magic complicates things. House Cheddar enters the picture. Preston finds some seeds.

  • The Grand Tournament

    Episode 4

    The day of the grand tournament has arrived - jousting, melees, archery, and...intrigue?!

  • Lapin's Big Day

    Episode 5

    Lapin has a big day. Amethar is made a powerful offer. Liam prepares for judgment.

  • Chaos in the Cathedral

    Episode 6

    An unexpected revelation at the trial of Liam has put all of House Rocks in grave danger.

  • Escape From the Bulb Creeps

    Episode 7

    Suffering a major loss, the remnants of House Rocks seek refuge from danger.

  • Deep Bleu Sea

    Episode 8

    As a storm rages, the Colby comes under attack - and the future of Calorum hangs in the balance.

  • Safe Harbor

    Episode 9

    The members of House Rocks return at last to Candia - right as war breaks out throughout the land.

  • Blood & Bread

    Episode 10

    The remnants of House Rocks reel from a sudden betrayal and a devastating death.

  • At the Mountains of Sweetness

    Episode 11

    CONTENT WARNING: At the close of the episode there will be a trailer for the next episode, which features a visual depiction of a hanging.

    Amethar's past finds a brand new way to haunt him - and possibly provide a solution to Candia's problems.

  • Rescue at Buzzybrook

    Episode 12

    *Content Warning: From 24:29 - 33:00, there is a visual of a hanging.*

    As Joren Jawbreaker awaits execution, the Rocks family must save a town under siege.

  • Family Ties

    Episode 13

    The royal families of Candia are reunited. The political world of Calorum gets more complex.

  • Encounter in the Ice Cream Temple

    Episode 14

    The Sugar Plum Fairy makes a tempting offer. Saccharina proves herself. Ruby seeks revenge.

  • The Two Balls

    Episode 15

    *CONTENT WARNING* Saccharina's past haunts her as she prepares to consolidate power in Candia.

  • For Candia! (Part 1)

    Episode 16

    The siege of Castle Candy begins, even as divisions threaten to tear apart the royal family.

  • For Candia! (Part 2)

    Episode 17

    The siege of Castle Candy comes to an end, and two warriors must make a terrible choice.

  • Behind the Scenes of Dimension 20: A Crown of Candy

    Episode 18

    The story of how A Crown of Candy came together.