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Dimension 20

Dimension 20

9 Seasons

Heed the call of adventure and enter Dimension 20 where Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, joined by comedians and pro gamers, blends comedy with tabletop RPGs.

Dimension 20
  • Sophomores Start

    Episode 1

    After Arthur Aguefort tasks them with a new quest, the Bad Kids work to put together a crew.

  • Mirror Madness

    Episode 2

    Adaine makes a new animal friend. Fabian and Ragh bond. Gorgug buys some wheels.

  • Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier

    Episode 3

    Gilear takes on his first battle. Riz fesses up. Fig gets her kisses in.

  • Heartache On the Celestine Sea

    Episode 4

    Gorgug tries to escape the doghouse. Ragh opens up. Adaine has a chilling encounter.

  • Leviathan Rock City

    Episode 5

    Fabian's reputation precedes him. Riz loosens up. Sandra Lynn schools Fig.

  • Pirate Brawl

    Episode 6

    Fig asks Adaine for help. Riz finds a big piece of the puzzle. Kristen shows off a skill.

  • The Friendship Section

    Episode 7

    Gorgug seeks answers. Adaine makes a new friend. Ragh gets some bad news.

  • The Row and the Ruction

    Episode 8

    Fabian loses his mojo. Riz makes a big move. Kristen sets things right.

  • Fallinel

    Episode 9

    Adaine has a tense reunion. Riz is out of his element. Gilear goes for it.

  • The Dangerous Mind of Aelwen Abernant

    Episode 10

    The Bad Kids attempt a jailbreak. Arthur Aguefort tries out some new magic. Adaine and Aelwen finally bond.

  • Revelations & Revivifications

    Episode 11

    The Bad Kids learn more about the Nightmare King and Kalina. Gorgug brings back an old friend. Brennan gets Skyped.

  • Crustaceans & Crushes

    Episode 12

    The Bad Kids arrive at Hollyhill. Ayda shares an important piece of information with Fig. Kalina makes her presence known.

  • Hellbound

    Episode 13

    Kristen discovers a defense against the infection. Fig plans a defense for her dad. Gorgug finally comes through.

  • Daddies & Demons

    Episode 14

    Riz wrestles with temptation. Fig gets a promotion. A few old friends return.

  • Blast From the Passed

    Episode 15

    The fallen enemies of the Bad Kids return for one last chance at vengeance.

  • My Green Heaven

    Episode 16

    Riz has a long awaited reunion. The Bad Kids reconsider their riches and hatch a plan to turn the tables on Kalina.

  • The Forest of the Nightmare King

    Episode 17

    The Bad Kids must contend with an entire new breed of horrors as they make they way into the depths of the Forest of the Nightmare King.

  • Fearful Symmetry

    Episode 18

    The Bad Kids face their deepest fears as they venture deeper into the Forest of the NIghtmare King.

  • Spring Break! I Believe In You! (Part 1)

    Episode 19

    The endgame begins as the Bad Kids face down gods, armies of demons, and toxic masculinity. (Subtitles will be added shortly)

  • Spring Break! I Believe In You! (Part 2)

    Episode 20

    It all comes down to this - with time running out, the Bad Kids must do whatever it takes to save their friends, the world, and their grades.

  • College Visit (RTX @ Home Live)

    Episode 21

    The Bad Kids (minus Fabian) visit the extraplanar college Astral Sea University.

  • Boys' Night! (Roll20Con)

    Episode 22

    With Ragh returning to Elmville, Fabian, Riz, and Gorgug plan for a night of hijinks.