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Dorkly Bits

Dorkly Bits

16 Seasons

From Mario to Pokemon (but mostly Pokemon), all your childhood favorites get the parodies they truly did not deserve.

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Dorkly Bits
  • Snorcrash

    Episode 1

    Nothing can keep a good Pokemon trainer down. Nothing can keep Rusty down, either.

  • Celadon Mall

    Episode 2

    Not even a Full Restore could cure Rusty's mall madness.

  • HM Madness

    Episode 3

    Some machines were meant to stay hidden.

  • EV Trainer

    Episode 4

    If you want to be the very best, you have to be the absolute worst.

  • Gym Fight

    Episode 5

    Hit the Cinnabar Island Gym for the ultimate workout.

  • The Newest Member of Team Rocket

    Episode 6

    Prepare for trouble, make it single.

  • Team Rocket Ride Along

    Episode 7

    The worst Pokemon trainer ever is back - as Team Rocket's newest recruit.

  • How To Breed the Perfect Pokemon

    Episode 8

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Pokemon sex (but were too afraid to Google).

  • Ghost Tower

    Episode 9

    Rusty's past has come back to haunt him.

  • Pokemon Rusty Documentary

    Episode 10

    Rusty finally learns a few things about Pokemon from the greatest professor there is: Television.

  • Viridian City Gym

    Episode 11

    Rusty finally comes face-to-face with his greatest enemy (other than "his own incompetence").

  • Jailbreak

    Episode 12

    After years of doing hard time, Rusty is finally back! And, uh, still serving time in prison for his various crimes against humanity and Pokemon alike. But will he stay in jail forever? HAVE YOU READ THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO YET? Rusty's final journey is about to begin...

  • The Elite Four

    Episode 13

    Rusty's out of jail and on the move - with Peanut Butter (his Perfect Bidoof) by his side! And, uh, destroying everything in his wake. Yep, Rusty has (essentially) a god under his control, so this should end well.

  • Legendaries

    Episode 14

    Rusty's made it...surprisingly far! He's escaped prison, defeated the Elite Four, and has a Perfect Bidoof doing his bidding. All that's left is to catch all the legendary Pokemon! There's no way Rusty will screw this up! No way at all!