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Watch this video and more on Dropout

Watch this video and more on Dropout

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  • If Dr. Robotnik Had an Assistant

    Meet Kevin, Dr. Robotnik's assistant. Kevin's a level-headed guy in his early 20s who just wants to assist the dumbest supervillains and fix their terrible, awful schemes (mostly because he's hoping they bump him to full-time so he can get a 401k).

  • The Weird Reason Anime Can Look Total...

    Here's the TRUTH about PC culture...well, by that we mean the culture within Pokemon PCs (like Bill's PC, for you genwunners). What happens to the Pokemon sent into the digital world? What's their life like? Now you'll finally know.

  • If Dr. Wily Had an Assistant

    Kevin is the professional, straight-laced assistant to villains everywhere, making sure their plans and schemes aren't full of holes and dumb stuff. And now he's helping out everyone's favorite skull-shaped castle owner, Dr. Wily. Thanks to Jeordan Ford for the suggestion!