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Dorkly Bits

Dorkly Bits

14 Seasons

From Mario to Pokemon (but mostly Pokemon), all your childhood favorites get the parodies they truly did not deserve.

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Dorkly Bits
  • What Would Happen if Peach Got Regular-Kidnapped

    Episode 25

    Real kidnappings are a lot less fun.

  • What Happens When You Battle the Pokemon Devil

    Episode 26


  • Why Ditto Is the Most Dangerous Pokemon

    Episode 27

    There's one Pokemon more deadly and powerful than all the others: DITTO. According to Ditto's Pokedex entry: "Capable of copying an enemy's genetic code to instantly transform itself into a duplicate of the enemy." It can turn itself into nearly ANYTHING - it's basically THE THING....except 10 ye...

  • Super Mario Undertale

    Episode 28

    Toby Fox's brilliant indie game UNDERTALE just celebrated its one year anniversary and, to celebrate, we're finally doing a video where Mario....well, he doesn't take the Pacifist route. He is filled with M U S H R O O M S though.

  • If Dr. Robotnik Had an Assistant

    Episode 29

    Meet Kevin, Dr. Robotnik's assistant. Kevin's a level-headed guy in his early 20s who just wants to assist the dumbest supervillains and fix their terrible, awful schemes (mostly because he's hoping they bump him to full-time so he can get a 401k).

  • The Weird Reason Anime Can Look Totally Different on Blu-Ray

    Episode 30

    Here's the TRUTH about PC culture...well, by that we mean the culture within Pokemon PCs (like Bill's PC, for you genwunners). What happens to the Pokemon sent into the digital world? What's their life like? Now you'll finally know.

  • If Dr. Wily Had an Assistant

    Episode 31

    Kevin is the professional, straight-laced assistant to villains everywhere, making sure their plans and schemes aren't full of holes and dumb stuff. And now he's helping out everyone's favorite skull-shaped castle owner, Dr. Wily. Thanks to Jeordan Ford for the suggestion!

  • What Actually Goes on in the Team Rocket Hideout

    Episode 32

    The grunts of Team Rocket are not the most qualified individuals in the world - despite being in a notorious Pokemon gang, they're constantly being bested by children and don't even seem to realize they can hold up to 6 Pokemon at once. Seriously. Why are you just bringing a level 8 Ekans to this...

  • If Pokemon Met Their Alola Forms Pt. 1

    Episode 33

    Pokemon Sun & Moon are taking us to the new Alola region, where there are tons of new Pokemon...and also new FORMS of some old favorites. Dugtrios with hair, Dragon-type Exeggutors, sassier Meowths, and all kinds of slightly-tweaked Alola forms of some familiar Pokemon. And now, at last, the norm...

  • Why the Team Rocket Intro Doesn't Make Sense

    Episode 34

    It's not easy being a Team Rocket grunt - just ask Gary and Craig, who are trying to get used to being part of the least effective Pokemon gang in Kanto.

  • If Pokemon Met Their Alola Forms Pt. 2

    Episode 35

    Welcome back to the Alola Region! We decided to make ANOTHER video to make sure we got all of the Alola jokes out of our system. Oh, and Shuckle.

  • If Nintendo Owned Sonic

    Episode 36

    Sonic the Hedgehog started his existence strong, but in the past decade or so, he's fallen on hard times as a character, mostly due to the poor decision-making by his parent company, Sega. But what if it wasn't this way? What if Sonic were owned by...Nintendo?