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Dorkly Bits

Dorkly Bits

16 Seasons

From Mario to Pokemon (but mostly Pokemon), all your childhood favorites get the parodies they truly did not deserve.

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Dorkly Bits
  • What Team Rocket Should Actually Be Using Pokemon For

    Episode 1

    Craig and Gary are being mentored by two members of Hell's Arceuses - the only REAL gang in in, a gang that moves heroin and kills people, unlike Team Rocket, who are more concerned with matching uniforms and hanging out in basements underneath casinos.

  • Why Team Rocket's Strategy Is the Stupidest Thing Ever

    Episode 2

    The finale of 'Team Rocket Meets a Real Gang.' The Team Rocket grunts Gary and Craig have learned a lot from the REAL gang members they ran into - and now it's time to put those learnings to the test. Spoiler alert: it does not go well.

  • The Worst Real Life Jobs to Have in the Pokemon Universe

    Episode 3

    They don't pay enough Pokedollars for this shit.

  • Super Mario Election: Bowser vs. Peach

    Episode 4

    Honestly, it's about time the Mushroom Kingdom had an actual election - Peach has been the unquestioned autocratic monarch for way too long, and if Mario truly stands for freedom, democracy is the only answer. Note: any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

  • Why Sonic the Hedgehog Should Be Careful Who He Attacks

    Episode 5

    Sonic runs around at incredible speeds, but maybe he needs to slow down and consider the consequences of his actions.

  • The Story Behind Pokemon Rusty (Documentary)

    Episode 6

    The humble origins of the internet's favorite hero...

  • Bidocalypse Pt. 1

    Episode 7

    Well, it's here: THE BIDOCALYPSE. Rusty has screwed up before - creating the world's most hate-filled Beedrill, burning down forests and Battlehauses, abandoning his naked dad, etc., but nothing really compares to unleashing a demi-god Bidoof who enslaved the world. And now there's only ONE perso...

  • Bidocalypse Pt. 2

    Episode 8

    Rusty's entire journey - from the fateful day he delivered a panini to Professor Tree to accidentally unleashing a god-level Bidoof on the world - has led to this: the Anti-Bidoof Resistance Force must face off against Peanut Butter, and their fate depends entirely on Rusty. End credits music cr...

  • More Terrible Jobs to Have in the Pokemon Universe

    Episode 9

    It's not easy being the unsung heroes of the Pokemon universe.

  • The Best Part of Sonic Games Is the Music

    Episode 10

    Welcome to FRESH JAMS ZONE (Act 1).

  • If Bowser Had an Assistant

    Episode 11

    Bowser could use a little help.

  • Team Rocket Has a Rat

    Episode 12

    Somewhere in Team Rocket's midst is a rat....atta. Their elite criminal organization has been infiltrated, and now they need to find out who the undercover cop is before Mark Wahlberg shows up wearing plastic bags on his feet.

  • Even More Pokemon Disappointed in Their Evolutions

    Episode 13

    Pokemon evolutions are fun for the player, but not always so great for the Pokemon - who are suddenly going through an instantaneous puberty that leaves them physically changed in new bizarre ways. And, a lot of the time, in kinda crappy ways.

  • Why Magneto Can Never Be in the MCU

    Episode 14

    Magneto's a little too OP even in the X-Men films - the only consistent counter to him (other than his own moral compass) is a mutant who can CONTROL EVERYONE'S BRAINS. And in the MCU, there's really NO ONE who could stop let's hope Fox and Marvel Studios never work out a deal.

  • The Problem with Humble Bundles

    Episode 15

    Humble Bundles are great - they're affordable, you get a ton of games that you might otherwise have never played, and you get to give money to worthy charities! But ever wonder how the games feel about all this?

  • Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader Is the Lamest Fight Ever

    Episode 16

    The first climactic lightsaber battle in the Star Wars franchise was....pretty lame. It was two old men kinda prodding at each other - of course, this was long before they had the budget for better choreography, or even the idea that lightsaber battles could be dynamic, visceral fights, with elab...

  • Pokemon Ralphie: The Journey Begins

    Episode 17

    Meet Ralphie - a former bug catcher who's returned to settle the score with his old rival...Red.

  • Pokemon Ralphie: Red Son

    Episode 18

    Ralphie - the greatest Pokemon rival to ever live - has not given up on his quest to take on Red. The only problem is that Red doesn't remember him, he's unemployed, and his only Pokemon is a near-death Metapod. Other than that, Ralphie's on the path to glory!

  • Pokemon Ralphie: FireGED Edition

    Episode 19

    Ralphie's back! And he's got Red's son, Todd (who's still alive, by the way). Now all he needs is to catch up on the past 20 years of Pokemon, figure out how to catch and train new Pokemon, and actually put together a team to defeat Red. That's it!

  • More Pokemon Who Are Disappointed With Their Evolutions

    Episode 20

    Some people get great evolutions - making them cooler-looking, more powerful, and all-around better. But other Pokemon aren't so lucky...

  • If Ganon Had An Assistant

    Episode 21

    Is Ganon really good at being a villain? His assistant Kevin has a few words on the matter.