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Watch this video and more on Dropout

The Story Behind Pokemon Rusty (Documentary)

Season 8, Episode 6

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  • Bidocalypse Pt. 1

    Well, it's here: THE BIDOCALYPSE. Rusty has screwed up before - creating the world's most hate-filled Beedrill, burning down forests and Battlehauses, abandoning his naked dad, etc., but nothing really compares to unleashing a demi-god Bidoof who enslaved the world. And now there's only ONE perso...

  • Bidocalypse Pt. 2

    Rusty's entire journey - from the fateful day he delivered a panini to Professor Tree to accidentally unleashing a god-level Bidoof on the world - has led to this: the Anti-Bidoof Resistance Force must face off against Peanut Butter, and their fate depends entirely on Rusty. End credits music cr...

  • More Terrible Jobs to Have in the Pok...

    It's not easy being the unsung heroes of the Pokemon universe.