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Drawfee Animation

Drawfee Animation

7 Episodes

Short animations made by and starring your favorite Drawfee artists.

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Drawfee Animation
  • How I Got My Dream Job

    Episode 1

    Jacob’s journey from English major to Tumblr artist to… whatever he does here, working for us.

  • It's Worm Train!

    Episode 2

    It’s not a worm nor a train, it’s a worm train!

  • This Dog Can Drive

    Episode 3

    Who needs "The Cat in the Hat" when this dog can drive?

  • Excellent Yu-Gi-Oh! Roleplay

    Episode 4

    When this dragon grows up, he realizes he’s wasted his time dueling.

  • Welcome New Subscribers!

    Episode 5

    A message to our newcomers, you dumb babies, we love you and we thank you for being here. Welcome!

  • My FIRST D&D Character

    Episode 6

    Nathan introduces Jacob to the unskilled, animal-lover he discovered Dungeons & Dragons as.

  • Room Full of Vampires

    Episode 7

    This look inside Julia’s thought process leaves the Drawfee gang with more questions than answers.