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Dropout featured series and episodes.

  • Dimension 20: The Ravening War

    1 season

    In an age before A Crown of Candy, the seeds of conflict began to take root - and soon, all of Calorum was enveloped in The Ravening War.

  • Play It By Ear

    2 seasons

    A musical improv show where players craft an original musical out of thin air and silly prompts.

  • Game Changer

    5 seasons

    In this game show, the game changes every show! Players begin each round without knowing the rules -- and must figure them out while competing to win.

  • Breaking News: No Laugh Newsroom

    6 seasons

    In this newsroom, breaking means losing. Our reporters don't know what's about to be on the teleprompter, and every laugh is a point against them.

  • Um, Actually

    8 seasons

    Introducing a game show of fandom minutiae one-upmanship, where nerds do what nerds do best: flaunt encyclopedic nerd knowledge at Millennium Falcon nerd-speed.

  • Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

    12 seasons

    A Dimension 20 talkback show where GM and players discuss the events of the latest episode.

  • Dirty Laundry

    3 seasons

    Host Lily Du gathers together four guests to tell secrets, guess who they belong to, and enjoy a few drinks.

  • Make Some Noise Season 2 Trailer

    The noise is back in town - get ready for season 2 of Make Some Noise, premiering June 5th.

  • Dimension 20: Neverafter

    1 season

    In the world of the Neverafter, not all fairy tales have happy endings.

  • Adventuring Academy

    4 seasons

    Adventurers, alight! Veteran gamemaster Brennan Lee Mulligan dives deep into role-playing games, with tips for everyone from first-time players to other pros.

  • Dimension 20 Animated

    1 season

    Animators bring to life some of your favorite Dimension 20 moments.

  • Make Some Noise

    2 seasons

    A game show where talented contestants compete to bring to life silly prompts.

  • Dimension 20
    17 seasons

    Dimension 20

    17 seasons

    Heed the call of adventure and enter Dimension 20 where Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, joined by comedians and pro gamers, blends comedy with tabletop RPGs.