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Dropout featured series and episodes.

  • Breaking News: No Laugh Newsroom

    4 seasons

    In this newsroom, breaking means losing. Our reporters don't know what's about to be on the teleprompter, and every laugh is a point against them.

  • Dimension 20's Adventuring Party

    4 seasons

  • Mice & Murder

    1 season

  • Um, Actually

    6 seasons

    Introducing a game show of fandom minutiae one-upmanship, where nerds do what nerds do best: flaunt encyclopedic nerd knowledge at Millennium Falcon nerd-speed.

  • Dimension 20 Update: A Safe Return to the Dome

    Brennan announces a return to the dome and details the safety protocols we will be adhering to.

  • Adventuring Academy

    3 seasons

    Adventurers, alight! Veteran gamemaster Brennan Lee Mulligan dives deep into role-playing games, with tips for everyone from first-time players to other pros.

  • Game Changer

    4 seasons

    In this game show, the game changes every show! Players begin each round without knowing the rules -- and must figure them out while competing to win.

  • Dimension 20

    9 seasons

    Heed the call of adventure and enter Dimension 20 where Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, joined by comedians and pro gamers, blends comedy with tabletop RPGs.

  • Troopers: Animated

    1 season

    Rich, Larry, and Dread Lord are back! And slightly more animated!

  • Erotic Clubhouse

    1 season

    Things get even steamier when Jessica Ross and Rekha Shankar create original erotic literature before your very eyes.