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Full Benefits

Full Benefits

12 Episodes

After hours, co-workers Sarah and David secretly "dip" their "respective pens" into each other's "corporate ink," so to "speak."

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Full Benefits
  • The Hook Up

    Episode 1

    Sarah and David complicate their work relationship.

  • Ditching Dan

    Episode 2

    Sarah and David deal with the worst kind of co-worker: a friendly one.

  • The Cover-Up

    Episode 3

    Sarah and David throw their co-workers off the scent.

  • The Reveal

    Episode 4

    Sarah and David take their relationship public -- or do they?

  • The Decision

    Episode 5

    Sarah and David face their biggest fear: Steve from HR.

  • The Rumor

    Episode 6

    Office gossip is the worst, especially when it's extremely accurate.

  • The Late Night

    Episode 7

    Sarah and David work hard to keep it professional.

  • The Dinner Party

    Episode 8

    Sarah and David realize what they want, and it's not the same thing.

  • The Run-In

    Episode 9

    Somewhere between the fourth teddy bear and the same haircut, this relationship got weird.

  • The Break-Up

    Episode 10

    The guys give David tips on how to dump Rachel. It's -- well, technically, it's "advice."

  • Inside Jokes

    Episode 11

    Sarah and David are friends, right? RIGHT?

  • The Kiss

    Episode 12

    The truth can be sobering.