Game Changer

  • ChangerCon

    Carolyn, Lily, and Tao have to put together impromptu cosplay, at varying levels of success.

  • Game Changer Season 3 Trailer

    He's been here the whole time.

  • Sell Outs

    Trapp, Grant, and Rekha return to showcase their sales pitch skills for Sam.

  • Tell Us About Yourself

    Sam wants Jess, Christine, and Alfred to tell him true facts about [REDACTED]

  • Game Changer Promo

    Sam Reich fulfills his dream to host a game show -- where he’s the only one who knows the rules.

  • Round 4

    Josh, Brennan, and Zac return for more noises, impressions, and competitive onomatopoeia.

  • Do I Hear $1?

    Ally, Grant, and Raph learn their limits as they out-bid each other for awful opportunities.

  • Sleeper Agents

    Lily, Katie, & Tao hit the streets to activate secret spies and suspicious civilians.

  • A Sponsored Episode

    Trapp, Rekha, & Grant compete in capitalism with Mad Men marketing and unexpected product pitches.

  • The Everything Factory

    Jess Ross, Jess Clemons, and Katie Marovitch complete increasingly complicated orders on the clock.

  • Yes or No

    Ally, Brennan, and Zac are asked a simple question, but is there a correct answer?

  • Lie Detector

    A mysterious machine subjects Brennan, Tao, and Jess to increasingly intimate questions.

  • Make Some Noise

    Josh Ruben, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Zac Oyama take turns sounding off.

  • Game of Prizes

    Players use points, paper, and precision to pile up as many potential prizes as possible.

  • Whodunnit

    When a cast member is murdered, the game's other players take a stab at finding the killer.

  • Nom Nom Nom

    Game time is meal time when contestants must feed a giant mouth exactly what it wants.