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Game Changer

In this game show, the game changes every show! Players begin each round without knowing the rules -- and must figure them out while competing to win.

  • Beat the Buzzer

    Rekha, Becca, and Erika try to answer Sam's questions, but can't find the buzzers.

    Content Warning:
    Potential Motion Sickness (Throughout)

  • Deja Vu

    It's like deja vu all over again for Trapp, Ify, and Siobhan.

    Content Warning:
    Coulrophobia (Clown): [5:44-6:54, 15:42-16:38, 24:52-25:51, 32:12-32:47, 39:30-40:34]

  • Bingo

    Katie, Brennan, and Raph play a game of bingo but with a twist.

  • Pencils Down

    Caldwell, Kiana, and Nathan draw, paint, and sculpt Sam's brilliant ideas.

  • Sam Says 3

    Vic, Jacob, and Lou play a simple game of Sam Says.

  • The Newlyweb Game

    Three lovely couples compete to see how intimately they know their partner's phone habits.

  • Second Place

    Ally, Brennan, and Oscar battle it out to see who is the most mid.

  • Game Changer Season 5: Cut For Time

    Here are all the moments left on the cutting room floor from season 5 of Game Changer!

  • Battle Royale Pt. 4

    It all comes down to this. The remaining contestants battle it out and a winner is crowned.

  • Battle Royale Pt. 3

    The contestants compete in an ASMR challenge while those voted off compete in a challenge to get back in the game.

  • Battle Royale Pt. 2

    The teams merge, the contestants make a meal, and receive some gifts.

  • Battle Royale Pt. 1

    Ten contestants. Two days to compete. One winner. This is Game Changer: Battle Royale.

  • Escape The Greenroom

    Brennan, Siobhan, and Lou must figure out how to escape the greenroom before time runs out.

    Content Warning:
    Flashing Lights (0:00 - 0:23)

  • The Bachelor Pt. 2

    Grant must choose which suitors will get the boot and who will ultimately get the booty.

  • The Bachelor Pt. 1

    Grant O'Brien. Ten eligible suitors. One day to get to know them all. Who will he pick?

  • As A Cucumber

    Katie, Brennan, and Carolyn try to stay cool under pressure.

    Content Warning:
    Flipped Eyelids (13:51 - 14:10)
    Ophidiophobia (17:35 - 19:00)
    Dentophobia (26:11 - 26:17)
    Misophonia - Vomiting (26:17 - 26:25)

  • A Game Most Changed

    Joey, Ross, and Blaine improvise a play in the style of William Shakespeare.

  • Name A Number

    Becca, Izzy, and Erika bet how many. Of what? That's the question.

  • Like My Coffee 2

    Rekha, Grant, and Jess try to out innuendo each other.

  • Karaoke Night

    Zach, Ross, and Rashawn make up songs on the fly with help from Aaron Wilson.

  • Sam Says 2

    Sam says Zac, Jacob, and Ally play a simple game of Sam Says.

  • Game Changer Season 4: Cut For Time

    Here are all the moments left on the cutting room floor from season 4 of Game Changer!

    Content Warning: Flashing Lights (0:00 - 0:03), Emotional Contemplation of Loss (11:58)

  • Survivor (Part 2)

    The teams merge, alliances fracture, and a winner is declared.

  • Survivor (Part 1)

    Seven castaways compete to knockout, watchout, and dropout their opponents for the grand prize.