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Game Changer

Game Changer

6 Seasons

The game show where there's a new, surprise premise every episode.

Game Changer
  • Lie Detector

    Episode 1

    A mysterious machine subjects Brennan, Tao, and Jess to increasingly intimate questions.

  • Make Some Noise

    Episode 2

    Josh Ruben, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Zac Oyama take turns sounding off.

  • Game of Prizes

    Episode 3

    Players use points, paper, and precision to pile up as many potential prizes as possible.

  • Whodunnit

    Episode 4

    When a cast member is murdered, the game's other players take a stab at finding the killer.

  • Nom Nom Nom

    Episode 5

    Game time is meal time when contestants must feed a giant mouth exactly what it wants.