Heist Night

Heist Night

6 Episodes

When Rekha and Sam plan a charity casino night, Trapp and Grant can’t resist putting together a crack team to pull off the dumbest heist ever.

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Heist Night
  • The Almost Perfect Team Pt. 1

    Episode 1

    I'm great with demolitions, but they never ask me. They're just like 'keep writing Youtube captions.' Whatever.

  • A Target with Very Convenient Habits Pt. 2

    Episode 2

    I offered to be the getaway driver, and they said "we're probably just gonna take an Uber?" Even when I told them I already own 5 matching Mini Coopers.

  • This Heist Plan Looks Like Crap Pt. 3

    Episode 3

    Do you think Trapp won't let me do the heist because I broke one of his elf figurines? That was like 2 years ago.

  • Grant Has a Gambling Problem Pt. 4

    Episode 4

    I could have impersonated the dealer. But no, 'you need to moderate the comments.' 'The team's already full.' Whatever, Trapp.

  • Too Many Twists Pt. 5

    Episode 5

    Now I can finally reveal my role' I was in the air ducts the entire time' watching, uh, the air ducts.

  • Outtakes Pts. 1-3

    Episode 6

    The heist is right.