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Jake and Amir

Jake and Amir

12 Seasons

The codependent, ill-advised adventures of co-workers/best friends/nemeses/gullies Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld.

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Jake and Amir
  • Desktop Prank

    Episode 1

    Another classic office prank.

  • Burp
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    A story of two employees willing to do whatever it takes to come out ahead.

  • Bless You

    Episode 3

    It's simple, we don't tolerate rudeness in the CollegeHumor office. It's just common courtesy.

  • My Boy

    Episode 4

    In your dreams.

  • Telephone - Ace and Jocelyn

    Episode 5

    A pilot for a TV show is probably the most important thing you can do in show business. Not a big deal.

  • Denim Pants - Ace and Jocelyn

    Episode 6

    Sequels are so hard to pull off. Luckily this one is amazing.

  • Poisoned - Ace and Jocelyn

    Episode 7

    Through sickness and health, I'll be there. Causing both.

  • Internship

    Episode 8

    There's no such thing as an unpaid internship. Unless you don't even get paid with experience.

  • Twitter

    Episode 9

    Online diaries are like regular diaries only you don't need to be embarrassed that you own one.

  • Rapping

    Episode 10

    Freestyling to keep from me crying.

  • Cousin
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    You can't choose your family, but you can choose to ignore them for forever.

  • Decision

    Episode 12

    The hardest part about decisions is making them.

  • Community Service

    Episode 13

    Children need good role models.

  • Coma
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    Karma can't beat a coma.

  • Coupon
    Episode 15


    Episode 15

    Prices so low, it's practically illegal!

  • eBay
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    Online auctions are what separates us from the animals.

  • Half Birthday

    Episode 17

    May half your wishes come true!

  • Wardrobe

    Episode 18

    A little text can be a big deal.

  • Taste Test

    Episode 19

    What's the point of eating right if it doesn't taste good?

  • Disease

    Episode 20

    We can fight this together. Forever.

  • Girl Advice

    Episode 21

    Help me, help you, help me.

  • Wake Up

    Episode 22

    I work hard, I sleep harder.

  • Magic Trick

    Episode 23

    I made your dignity disappear.

  • Reading

    Episode 24

    Be kindle, rewindle.