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Kingpin Katie

Kingpin Katie

10 Episodes

Slacker comedy writer-turned-hapless drug dealer Katie Marovitch makes coke a joke in this darkly funny origin story inspired by Breaking Bad.

Kingpin Katie
  • Going Clean

    Episode 1

    Katie quits coke and no one cares… until a trip to the club makes her a wanted woman.

  • A Fresh Cold Cut

    Episode 2

    Katie says goodbye to an old "friend," and hello to a cop who's hot on her trail.

  • Fake-Ass

    Episode 3

    Baby bird Katie tries to get the big worm, but doing double-duty pushes her to a breaking point.

  • KOOM
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    The drug dealers decide to rebrand, but their high-end launch event attracts unwanted attention

  • One Little Sip

    Episode 5

    Screamin' Eddie hosts a dinner party for his top seller. An act of recon leads to destruction.

  • The Breakup

    Episode 6

    The consequences of Katie and Cheryl's crimes begin to catch up with them, as does a looming threat.

  • Who Is Katie Marovitch?

    Episode 7

    Katie resolves to right her wrongs. For the Five Families, the war gets personal.

  • Cat and Mouse

    Episode 8

    The fate of the cast is in Katie's hands. Cocaine got her into this mess — can she become a heroine?

  • Kingpin Katie: Behind the Scenes

    Episode 9

    Check out the chemistry, creativity, & collaboration behind Katie's ass-kicking series.

  • Kingpin Katie: Bloopers

    Episode 10

    A celebration of every time Katie looked at the camera or Cheryl couldn’t remember her own name.