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New Releases

  • Get Your Act Together with Brennan and Izzy

    Brennan Lee Mulligan and Izzy Roland discuss the origins of their relationship and improv show.

  • Feminism at Boys Night

    Trapp raids an estate sale while Carolyn throws a fancy cheese tasting party.

    Content Warning:
    Coulrophobia (Clowns) - [15:03 - 15:18]

  • Boongo

    The cast discuss what they've uncovered so far and ponder the mechanics of action world cosmology.

  • The Deluxe Royale

    The action heroes converge at a swanky hotel where battles ensue and secrets are uncovered.

    Content Warning:
    Gore [11:59 - 12:04]
    Misophonia (Squelching, Blood Splattering) [11:59 - 12:04, 29:41-29:45, 30:35-30:42, 33:34-33:49, 34:08-34:16, 34:25-34:38, 1:36:16-1:36:25]
    Misophonia (Gagging) [1:...

  • Grant O'Brien Explains Dungeons and Dragons

    Grant gets to gush about his favorite game to Erika and Aabria while Ally reveals the dangers of it.

  • An Open-Heart Surgeon With the Attitude of a Cool Hairdresser

    Jiavani, Vic, and Talia sing about the periodic table of elements and fail to pass the Bechdel Test.

    Content Warning:
    Emetophobia (Retching) - [18:57 - 20:00]

  • Theater Kids, Cicadas, Honorary Degrees

    Anna asks if society should forgive theater kids. Sara asserts that cicadas should be the symbol of the USA. Ryan tries to receive an honorary degree.

  • When You're Here, You're La Familia

    The cast level up, talk character psyche, and compare their kill counts.

  • And That's Whirred Up

    The nobodies must uncover the lives of their action alter egos as danger lurks around every corner.

    Content Warning:
    Hemophobia (Brief description and animation of blood) - [8:15-8:34, 8:51-8:53]
    Strangulation- [10:52-11:01]
    Underage Drinking - [13:36-14:45]
    Mention of Incest - [1:42:22-1:42:45]

  • Glinda, Columbo, Inscryption

    Damien, Azeem, and Amanda rave over background extras and try to figure out what chuds are.

  • Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (with Sam Reich)

    Sam Reich joins Brennan to talk creative north stars and why failure is more interesting than success.

  • In This House We Love Mushrooms and Dumpers

    Rashawn throws a roller disco party while Ify learns how to slice with a katana.

  • Monét's Slumber Party Trailer

    Host Monét X Change gathers the funniest people you know to kiki and play some salacious games. Premieres July 19th.

  • Yoshi Thicc

    The cast talk about their characters, Cold Stone, and what movie they'd get sucked into.

  • Be Kind, Rewind

    Six nobodies deal with mundane lives until a strange encounter launches them into a world of action.

    Content Warning:

    Misophonia (Bones crunching) [22:42-22:49]
    Hemophobia (Brief mention and animation of blood) [1:36:15 - 1:36:29, 1:46:11-1:46:18]

  • Sam Reich Launches Burning Sam

    Vic, Grant, and Raph explore Sam's newest business venture.

  • A Cutscene in a Video Game That's Glitching Out

    Josh, Zac, and Brennan become foley artists and give life to a silent film.

    Content Warning:
    Coulrophobia (Clowns) [16:10-21:29]

  • Behind the Scenes of "Ratfish"

    Take a look behind the scenes of Game Changer's season 6 finale episode, "Ratfish".

  • Hank Green: Pissing Out Cancer

    Hank Green reflects on the good, the bad, and the weird parts of having cancer.

    Content Warning:
    Mention of Parent Death [21:47-22:00]
    Mention of suicidal ideation and self harm [27:10-28:17]

  • Groundhog Day, WNBA, The Ocean

    Paul investigates who the mastermind of "Groundhog Day" is. Kimia argues why the WNBA is better than the NBA. Zach explains why the ocean sucks.

  • Boo, Actually!

    Jonah, Milana, and Harvey try to out buzzer each other while answering Ify's horror questions.

  • Ratfish (Part 2)

    The remaining players try to catch and reveal the Ratfish.