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New Releases

  • The Newlyweb Game

    Three lovely couples compete to see how intimately they know their partner's phone habits.

  • Dimension 20: Fantasy High Minis Auction

    From March 4th - 22nd, bid on minis from Fantasy High season 1. Check out for more.

  • Tommy Shriggly

    Vic interviews mental health advocate Tommy Shriggly (Zac Oyama) and discusses the three steps to happiness.

  • A Negroni and a Bowl of Spinach

    Lou follows through on his promise and the cast discuss Brennan's eating habits.

  • Stress Tested

    The Bad Kids try to balance school, popularity, extracurriculars, and the growing mystery.

    Content Warnings:
    Misophonia (Crunching, Squishing) [24:15 - 24:22, 24:37 - 24:38, 25:25 - 25:32, 25:37 - 25:42, 26:09 - 26:16]
    Misophonia (Glass Shattering) [ 1:34:32 - 1:34:35, 1:35:09 - 1:35:11]

  • Old Pal

    Grant shows how to make a drink that will remind you of the 1920s.

  • Behind the Scenes of "Second Place"

    Take a look behind the scenes of Game Changer's season 6 premiere episode, "Second Place."

  • Last Looks: Kepl and Dr. Milk

    Tamar Levine and Alex Perrone talk about how Josh Ruben transformed into Kepl.

  • You Are the Chosen None

    The cast talk about the sick party the Bad Kids threw, downtime, and breakfast sandwiches.

  • Party Politics

    The party at Seacaster Manor is raging as new mysteries are uncovered.

    Content Warning
    Underage Drinking / Drug Use [Throughout]
    Self-Induced Vomit, Misophonia (Vomit) [37:05 - 37:08]
    Misophonia (Tearing Paper) [44:07 - 44:09, 44:19 - 44:20, 58:05 - 58:07]
    Misophonia (Crumpling Paper) [56:16 - 5...

  • Who Has an Active Warrant Out For Their Arrest?

    Jess, Oscar, Paul, and Kimia drink Old Pals while their spider senses tingle.

  • Second Place

    Ally, Brennan, and Oscar battle it out to see who is the most mid.

  • Kepl and Dr. Milk

    Vic interviews puppeteer Kepl (Josh Ruben) and actor extraordinaire Dr. Milk.

  • Can I Offer You a Nice Shrimp in This Trying Time?

    The cast discuss the mall battle and its aftermath while having a non-sexual adult sleepover.

  • Mall Madness

    The Bad Kids arrive at the astral mall to save Cassandra from a mysterious danger.

    Content Warning
    Misophonia (Squelching) [1:47:39 - 1:47:41, 1:59:37 - 1:59:40]
    Misophonia (Gurgling) [56:40 - 56:44]
    Misophonia (Choking) [57:51 - 57:53, 1:15:47 - 1:15:50, 1:30:10 - 1:30:12]
    Misophonia (Blood gus...

  • Um, Actually Season 9 Trailer

    New host, same rules. Season 9 premieres February 27th.

  • Mai Tai

    Grant shows how to make a classic tiki drink.

  • Last Looks: Marionette Conqui and Zonton de la Doll

    Tamar Levine and Alex Perrone talk about how Kimia Behpoornia and Jacob Wysocki transformed into Marionette Conqui and Zonton de la Doll.

  • A Sea of Effluvia

    The cast talk about the Rat Grinders, first jobs, and shrimp parties.

  • Under Pressure

    The Bad Kids realize how much work they'll be balancing this year. Adaine gets a job.

    Content Warning
    Misophonia (Gurgling) [34:45 - 34:48]
    Misophonia (Glass Breaking, Crunching) [2:36:08 - 2:36:15]
    Misophonia (Cracking) [2:36:28 - 2:36:31, 2:37:03 - 2:37:08, 2:38:42 - 2:38:45]
    Implied Mind Cont...

  • Who Sent a Mean Email to a Famous Comedian as a Middle Schooler?

    Kendahl, Michael, Sarah, and Dylan drink mai tais and get very dramatic.

    Content Warning:
    Description of internal injury (swallowing glass) [12:05 - 12:41]
    Description of bloody facial injury [24:29 - 24:45]
    Implied attraction to minors [38:00 - 39:02]

  • Marionette Conqui and Zonton de la Doll

    Vic interviews Marionette Conqui and Zonton de la Doll (Kimia Behpoornia and Jacob Wysocki), French dolls that have come to life.