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New Releases

  • Dimension 20: Burrow's End Trailer

    In this world, there is more to fear than the violence of fang and talon. Premieres October 4th.

  • Elevator Pitch

    The founders of a company must pitch their idea to investors and navigate the cutthroat world of start-ups.

  • Grant Likes to Smoke

    Grant shows how to make a drink that's made for people with bad taste.

  • Breaking News: The Musical

    Ross, Jiavani, Becca, and Rashawn report on the new hit musical "Buckingham" and improvise a song about Breaking News.

  • Bit City USA

    The cast talk about the origins of this season, paying attention, and foot stuff.

  • Case Closed

    The PIs race towards Oblongata Station to save Elias Hodge once and for all.

    Content Warnings:
    Emetophobia [22:20 - 22:23]
    Violence Against Animals [1:03:43 - 1:03:47]
    Flashing Images [1:04:16 - 1:04:20]
    Misophonia (Ringing) [1:32:10 - 1:32:13, 1:34:23 - 1:34:25]

  • Who Threw Pretzels at a Couple Having Sex?

    Zac, Ally, Katie, and Patrick drink a Grant Likes to Smoke and try to climb the set.

  • The Speech MLK Really Wanted to Give Instead of 'I Have a Dream'

    Jacquis, Matt, and Carl give their best Florida Man impression.

  • You Must Know What You Don't Know

    The cast talk about party splits, villain reveals, and lo-jinks.

  • Emergency Powers

    Tension and Fucks head to court, The Fix visits an old friend, and Conrad steps up.

    Content Warnings:
    Misophonia (Bone Cracking) [1:44:18 - 1:44:24, 1:47:02 - 1:47:06, 2:03:19 - 2:03:23]
    Animal Harm / Endangerment [1:43:56 - 1:44:27]
    Bright Flashing Imagery [1:54:52 - 1:54:56]

  • Joust Because

    Hear ye! Hear ye! All ye kings, queens, knights, and nobles! Let it be known that it is time for the Renaissance Faire to begin.

  • Multigenerational Talent

    Tao reports on a military warlord's terrible acts. Katie talks about a young athlete's Olympic dreams while Sam describes a new controversial art piece.

  • Big Bird, Braindead, The Books of Magic

    Ryan, Jess, and Jess try not to break their buzzers and discover that God is canon.

  • A Random Sequence of Events

    The cast talk about incontinence, self-talk, and conspiracy theories.

  • Grappling With Death

    The Fix finds himself trapped, while the rest of the PIs put together the clues.

    Content Warnings:
    State Violence [27:22 - 28:23]
    Misophonia (Mic Feedback) [34:11 - 34:12]
    Bright / Flashing Imagery [42:27 - 42:30, 2:05:17 - 2:05:20]
    Mind Control [43:57 - 44:27]
    Misophonia (Squelching) [55:26 - 5...

  • Adam and Eve Broach an Open Relationship

    Zac, Jacob, and Vic pitch to Sam their version of Santa Claus.

  • We Are Feeling Machines That Think

    The cast have more ball talk, discuss game mechanics, and get philosophical.

  • F For Freezer

    The PIs scramble to uncover the truth before Elias meets his end.

    Content Warning:
    Bright Flashing Imagery [25:36 - 26:07]
    Emetophobia (Vomiting) [1:38:40-1:38:47]

  • Backwards Compatible

    Nothing ages more fine than friendship through time.

  • Welcome To

    What is It's too hard to put into words, so we just made this video.

  • Win Sam Reich's Money

    Tao, Katie, and Grant answer a series of questions to win Sam's money.

  • Picard, Contact, Legends of Tomorrow

    Saige, Omar, and Persephone discuss cortados, horror cartoons, and remind you to check your voter registration.

  • In Space No One Can Hear You Cream

    The cast talk about guilt, shame, and coffee grounds. Oh and balls. Lots of ball talk this episode.

  • The Scattered Mind

    In the wake of the freeway collapse, the PIs seek answers.

    Content Warnings:
    Misophonia (Squelching) [5:42 - 5:56, 1:44:43 - 1:44:45]
    Flashing Light [35:33 - 35:38]
    Self-Harm, Misophonia (Cracking) [1:58:52 - 1:58:55]