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Watch this video and more on Dropout

Level 20 Cis-her Gal-a-them

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  • Terror on Toy Island

    The heroes must stop the Mer-King from capturing Mira at all costs.

    Content Warnings:
    Flashing Video (:10 - :54)
    Endangerment / Violence Towards Minors - Pinocchio & Ylfa (Throughout)
    Misophonia - Wetness, Biting (14:59 - 15:12)
    Misophonia - Flesh Tearing (40:36 - 40:41)
    Thalassophobia - Large S...

  • Blight, Plants, Birds, and Almonds (w...

    Aabria Iyengar returns to the show to talk about how she deals with the pressure of running large campaigns, emotional world building, and how to play as unlikable characters.

  • Fish House Punch

    Grant shows how to make a punch that will satisfy at least 50 people.