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Watch this video and more on Dropout

They Might Be Giants

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  • Leap of Faith

    The heroes must contend with what to do next after hearing the princesses' plan.

    Content Warnings:
    Flashing Video (:10 - :54, 2:02:32 - 2:05:05, 2:07:16 - 2:07:37)
    Cannibalism (22:04 - 23:11)
    Misophonia [Bones Cracking] / Body Horror (28:53 - 28:57)
    Misophonia [Retching] / Emetophobia [Vomiting]...

  • Studying and Training (with Johnny St...

    Johnny Stanton joins Brennan to talk about using D&D as a creative outlet, why he loves DMing for new players, and how much gum should come in a pack.

  • Bacon Maple Chocolate Old Fashioned

    Grant shows how to make bacon washed bourbon.