2 Seasons

Ally Beardsley hosts this highly entertaining game show where contestants make a joint effort to weed out who among them is secretly stoned.

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  • Finals Week

    Episode 1

    Players return to "high" school for a slew of academic challenges. Will the stoners go undetected?

  • Parents' Weekend

    Episode 2

    Stoners and narcs scrutinize each other as players stir the pot with false confessions.

  • Study Abroad

    Episode 3

    The stoners navigate a "trip" to Florence, complete with tricky translations and a pasta pop quiz.

  • Thanksgiving at Home

    Episode 4

    Can players hash it out with a MAGA-loving uncle, or will they be too blunt?

  • Homecoming Weekend

    Episode 5

    Players get dosed with school spirit when they have to design a potent new mascot.

  • The Internship

    Episode 6

    Chronic meets corporate when players run into sticky icky situations with a demanding boss.