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2 Seasons

Ally Beardsley hosts this highly entertaining game show where contestants make a joint effort to weed out who among them is secretly stoned.

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  • Family Visiting

    Episode 1

    A surprise family drop-in harshes players' buzz when they have to explain their jobs to Grandma.

  • Arts & Culture

    Episode 2

    Players put the "high" in high-brow with wine tasting and a Shakespearean acting challenge.

  • Travel

    Episode 3

    Things get trippy on an international vacation with an early stoner lead, but can they keep it up?

  • Politics

    Episode 4

    Hail to the kief! The game gets politically loaded when players must pitch candidates sight-unseen.

  • Romance

    Episode 5

    Proposals & break-ups are the name of the game, but will two green stoners puff puff pass the test?

  • Moving Day

    Episode 6

    Can players weed out a normal roommate from amongst serial killers, or will they get ripped?

  • First Job

    Episode 7

    With a dope job on the line, players must impress their boss with gifts and presentations.

  • Holidays

    Episode 8

    Fresh "baked" cookies call for decoration. Can the stoners stay merry and high?

  • Shitty Job

    Episode 9

    Fried or fired? Can players hold onto their shitty jobs, or will their minimum wages go up in smoke?