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See Plum Run

See Plum Run

12 Episodes

Hungry for power, fame, and anything else, Mama and Plum invade cushy New England with sights set on Plum's most ambitious title yet: student body president.

See Plum Run
  • We Back

    Episode 1

    "Redneck" meets "blue blood" as Plum and Mama find fancy new digs and a bookish ghost.

  • We Want Dessert

    Episode 2

    Mama looks for loopholes in Buckingham's bylaws. A tirade from Plum strikes a chord with students.

  • Don't Make Me Move

    Episode 3

    Fed up with private school pricks, Plum hatches an unorthodox (and contagious) form of protest.

  • The Cock Hog

    Episode 4

    A horny, desperate Plum lashes out at foreigners, and Mama gets an offer she can't refuse.

  • The Rumor Mill

    Episode 5

    The reality stars and the Russians zero in on Kennedy's deepest insecurity.

  • The Belly Button Ring

    Episode 6

    Rain and Jim get vindictive when the diabetic duo starts to gain in the polls.

  • Dirty Talk

    Episode 7

    After Mama's sexcapades are brought to light, Team Plum must go on full damage control.

  • The Kennedy Conspiracy

    Episode 8

    Sleuth Mama sniffs out a scheme that goes all the way to the top.

  • Busted

    Episode 9

    A mysterious informant makes it his mission to take the Miller administration down.

  • See Plum Run: Bloopers

    Episode 10

    A compilation of the funniest breaks, mistakes, and outtakes from See Plum Run.

  • See Plum Run: Behind the Scenes

    Episode 11

    Take a peek behind the prosthetics. Insights and anecdotes from the cast and crew of See Plum Run.

  • See Plum Run: Official Music Video

    Episode 12

    Plum and Mama bust a move in this original music video for “She Got Dem Books” from See Plum Run