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5 Episodes

The greatest thinkers/comedians of our time ask the questions no one else will.

  • Birthdays, The Cookout, Vegetables

    Episode 1

    Trapp tries to find the happiest birthday. Demi talks about allyship. Vic asks what are vegetables.

  • Wrestling & Drag, Cryptids, Eggs

    Episode 2

    Jess explains why wrestling and drag are the same. Jacob analyzes which cryptid is the best to blaze with. Katie expounds why eggs are the best.

  • Swing Music, Emails, The Moon

    Episode 3

    Ross argues for a swing music revival. Alexis demonstrates how to write the perfect email. Raph proposes why the United States should bomb the moon.

  • Birds, Celebrities, Bodies

    Episode 4

    Fumi elucidates why birds might steal your girl. Janie advocates for celebrity elections. Paul pitches how he would make bodies better.

    Content Warning:
    Image of dead animal [04:02]
    Image of dead animal [04:12-4:16]

  • Groundhog Day, WNBA, The Ocean

    Episode 5

    Paul investigates who the mastermind of "Groundhog Day" is. Kimia argues why the WNBA is better than the NBA. Zach explains why the ocean sucks.