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TablePop Presents: MEGADUNGEON LIVE!

TablePop Presents: MEGADUNGEON LIVE!

11 Episodes

The TablePop crew go live with an OG D&D game with a twist: you're a part of the adventure! It's a tabletop RPG with dungeons, monsters, epic battles, and you!

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TablePop Presents: MEGADUNGEON LIVE!
  • Enter Through the Gift Shop

    Episode 1

    A new adventuring party explores a gift shop and runs into a friendly orc -- and some angry goblins.

  • Skeleton Skirmish

    Episode 2

    Wizard Henry Plotter joins the party as they look for a necromancer, but get stopped by skellies.

  • Kobold Chaos

    Episode 3

    The party busts Henry out of school for a treasure hunt that turns into a kobold mosh pit.

  • Treasure Toad

    Episode 4

    A critical attack on Witherspoon at the campsite forces the group into action.

  • The Haunted Forest

    Episode 5

    In search of treasure, the party heads into the haunted woods and comes face-to-face with ogres.

  • Cave Crawl

    Episode 6

    The party attempts to make it through a perilous cave without awaking the threats within.

  • Clash of the Centaurs

    Episode 7

    Now joined by school-skipper Kim, the party finds themselves in a clearing full of angry centaurs.

  • Elevator Adventure

    Episode 8

    Sven Levin joins the adventuring party on their latest journey, all the way to the mayor's mansion.

  • Hallways of Horrors

    Episode 9

    Old lady thief Marv meets up with the party. Together, can they reach the necromancer's castle?

  • Invading the Castle

    Episode 10

    Sunny Vistas, magic user & weatherman, joins the party in time to approach the necromancer's lair.

  • Fortress of the Hellwyrm

    Episode 11

    Mother joins the party for the thrilling conclusion to the Megadungeon adventure.