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Tales From the Closet

Tales From the Closet

18 Episodes

The crypt has nothing on the closet when Ally Beardsley and guests share terrifying tales from before they came out.

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Tales From the Closet
  • Locker Rooms

    Episode 1

    Teresa Lee, Ryan Barton, and Grant O’Brien join Ally for kissing countdowns and compartmentalizing.

  • Makeovers

    Episode 2

    DarylJim Diaz, Jessica Ross, Emily Fightmaster, and Ally recall sexy sleepovers and stunt bisexuals.

  • Straight-Acting

    Episode 3

    Jordan Firstman, Kimia Behpoornia, Grant O’Brien and Ally get real about HIV/AIDS and the male gaze.

  • Tankini

    Episode 4

    Oscar Montoya, Anna Rajo, Sara Ghaleb, and Ally search for adult tomboys and asexual representation.

  • Beard

    Episode 5

    Gaby Dunn, Yazmin Monet Watkins, Jared Goldstein, and Ally talk gay bullies and tied-up Josh Brolin.

  • Prom

    Episode 6

    John Early, Sophia Cleary, Simone Thompson and Ally talk PDA, desire, and "suspended gaydolescence."

  • Just a Phase

    Episode 7

    Kera Armendariz, Morthyn Roc, and Grant chat with Ally about passing privilege and switching labels.

  • Public Bathrooms

    Episode 8

    Joan Ford, Adrien Young, Sylvan Oswald, and Ally discuss "dude" and how cis allies can help.

  • Binary

    Episode 9

    Emily Fightmaster, Ryan Parseghian, and Travis Coles join Ally for passing privilege and "hey girl."

  • Pray the Gay Away

    Episode 10

    Ella Baker, Ashley Holston, Jiavani Linayao and Ally talk about religion and coming out to family.

  • Flamboyant

    Episode 11

    John Milhiser, Oscar Montoya, and Christine Medrano join guest host Grant to talk drag and "types."

  • Conversion Therapy

    Episode 12

    Annie Paradis, Liza Stegall, & David Craig join Ally for church camp, a queer circus, & NB hotness.

  • I'm Trains

    Episode 13

    Reed Brice, Holland MacFallister, and Jess join Ally for lesbian sex ed and gay square dancing.

  • Gold Star

    Episode 14

    Miya Folick, Lauren Early, and Marian Li-Pino join Ally for competitive queerness and Tomb Raider.

  • Sibling Intuition

    Episode 15

    Brad Beardsley, Jasmin Brown, and Ken Brown join Ally for late night RuPaul & other 90s queer icons.

  • Late Bloomer

    Episode 16

    Bully Fae Collins, Sammi Cohen, and Rhys Ernst join Ally for volleyball shorts and the trans Urkel.

  • Gay Bars

    Episode 17

    Alia Shawkat, Roberta Colindrez, and Paul Robalino join Ally for Xena fangirling and ceramics class.

  • Sex: Scary or Fun?

    Episode 18

    Jovan, Chill Kottkamp, & Casey Jane Ellison join Ally to talk internalized homophobia & gay spaces.