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The CollegeHumor Podcast

The CollegeHumor Podcast

19 Episodes

Want to know how the funny gets made? Hear behind-the-scenes stories, play games, and read rejected sketches with your favorite CollegeHumor cast and crew.

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The CollegeHumor Podcast
  • This Turkey is a Total TILF

    Episode 1

    Trapp, Rekha, Raph, and Katie play with Urban Dictionary and reveal their jobs before CollegeHumor.

  • Little Shop of Ass Eaters

    Episode 2

    Grant, Jess, Trapp, and producer Frankie McLafferty play "guess the person by their targeted ads."

  • Death Is Undignified

    Episode 3

    Zac, Brennan, Ally, and Katie normalize STIs and play a guessing game with clickbait.

  • Archaeology Isn't Sexy

    Episode 4

    Jess, Trapp, Siobhan, and director Ryan Anthony Martin test their psychic skills and dig for bodies.

  • Sniff Test

    Episode 5

    Sam, Rekha, Raph, and director Michael Schaubach support the Tang Gang and ID cast members by smell.

  • This Smart Watch Tells You When You’re Going to Die

    Episode 6

    Brennan, Trapp, writer Janie Stolar, and producer Jessie Hixenbaugh play F/M/K and tell rat stories.

  • The Tinder Game

    Episode 7

    Grant, Jess, VFX supervisor TJ Gonzalez, & producer Lauren Davis play guess the one-star review.

  • A Car That Won’t Play the First Song In Your Phone

    Episode 8

    New cast members Lily Du & Tao Yang join Trapp to bait Brennan and give their hot takes on comedy.

  • Revealing Too Much

    Episode 9

    Development Head Adam Frucci, Production Accountant Shay Parsons, Katie, & Raph play "dealbreakers."

  • Uncanny Valerie

    Episode 10

    Trapp, Caldwell, Willie Muse, & Eli Yudin debate energy drinks and play “cocktail or crime novel?”

  • What’s Really Soap at Your Nana’s House?

    Episode 11

    Shane Crown, Denise Valentine, & Jessica Clemons join Ally for a rousing round of clickbait quizzes.

  • Seeing Your Parents Age

    Episode 12

    Grant & Siobhan make it hard for Raph to host, from maintenance masturbation to "Most Likely."

  • Gorilla Jury

    Episode 13

    Tao, Lily, Ryan Creamer, and Kellen Schneider talk travel and consider crime novels vs. cocktails.

  • Grant Finds True Love

    Episode 14

    Josh Ruben, Grant, Rekha, and Katie discuss which birds they'd be and give tips for new writers.

  • Are You Sisters?

    Episode 15

    Trapp, Jess, Paul Robalino, & David Kerns banter about banter and play "The Cost Is Correct."

  • The Petty Civil Rights Leader

    Episode 16

    Ally, Raph, Marissa High, and Jessie Hixenbaugh get political & goofy before a game of "Chorf."

  • Confusing Headset Phone Call

    Episode 17

    Tao, Katie, Janie Stolar, & Frankie McLafferty play "Order History" and vote on who should be famous.

  • Stop Trying to Punch My Balls

    Episode 18

    Sam, Rekha, Lily, and Grant play F*ck, Marry, Kill and explain why The Grinch is daddy.

  • Date With Dog Profile Person

    Episode 19

    Lily, Katie, Shane Crown, & Luke Field debate almost-perfect partners and finding dogs on Tinder.