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The Drawfee Variety Hour

The Drawfee Variety Hour

10 Episodes

Your favorite Drawfee artists "spin that wheel" for creative challenges from the silly to the bizarre on this retro variety show full of familiar faces.

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The Drawfee Variety Hour
  • Fantasy Drawing Challenge

    Episode 1

    Nathan, Jacob, and Julia try out an all-new show format on this premiere episode of the Drawfee Variety Hour.

  • '90s Cartoons Drawing Challenge

    Episode 2

    Julia controls Nathan's hands in a Rocko marionnette challenge, while Jacob mirrors Helga Potaki.

  • Nathan Week

    Episode 3

    The Drawfee crew celebrates Nathan Week with a cheesy Nathan portrait and a drawing by sword.

  • Mascot Drawing Challenge

    Episode 4

    The Drawfee gang gets crafty with the mascot theme, dressing up Adam and making a man out of meats.

  • Slumber Party Challenge

    Episode 5

    Karina Farek joins Nathan and Jacob for a sleepover packed with crushes, makeup, and spooky stuff.

  • Pokémon Drawing Challenge

    Episode 6

    Karina, Julia, and Nathan get sticky with a candy challenge & make new Pokemon from stuffed animals.

  • Drawing With The Boys

    Episode 7

    Caldwell, Nathan, Jacob, and Carolyn have some boyish fun with weights, beards, and ink blots.

  • Camp Drawing Challenge

    Episode 8

    Karina, Jacob, and Julia head off to Camp Bass for wildlife, arts and crafts, and a murder house.

  • Home and Garden Drawing Challenge

    Episode 9

    Nathan, Julia, & Karina keep things homey and take on quite possibly their smelliest challenge yet.

  • Cham Clowder

    Episode 10

    Cham Clowder sponsors this extra chammy episode where "spin that wheel" definitely doesn't get dark!