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Total Forgiveness

Total Forgiveness

2 Seasons

Crippled with debt, Grant and Ally go head-to-head in this agonizing competition show to prove they'll do ANYTHING to pay off their student loans.

Total Forgiveness
  • Leeches / Ex

    Episode 1

    Grant faces his fear of creepy crawlies. Meanwhile, Ally revisits a spicy romance.

  • Makeover / Shock Collar

    Episode 2

    Ally transforms into an iconic character for their license photo. Grant learns to bite his tongue.

  • Coffins / Camping

    Episode 3

    Ally attends their own funeral. Grant spends a night in bear country with impractical supplies.

  • Stand-up / Diaries

    Episode 4

    Grant headlines a comedy show without any jokes. Ally goes public with their teenage diaries.

  • National Anthem / Lock-In

    Episode 5

    Ally makes their "singing" debut. Grant crams his big Irish family into his tiny L.A. apartment.

  • Needle / Snake

    Episode 6

    Grant's challenge gets under his skin. Ally becomes bedfellows with a 14-foot beast.

  • Drunk / Bell

    Episode 7

    Ally chooses champagne over charm. Grant tries really hard to get hard.

  • Scam / Flea Market

    Episode 8

    Grant must sell all his earthly possessions. Ally gives their roommates the HerbalWay hard sell.

  • Tattoo / Performance Art

    Episode 9

    Ally faces a challenge written in ink, while Grant struggles with the prospect of a public stink.

  • Finale
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Ally and Grant face their final challenges.

  • Reunion

    Episode 11

    Ally, Grant, and Adam sit down with Sam to discuss the highs, lows, and controversies of the season.