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11 Episodes

A new generation of troopers search for purpose away from Dreadlord Sinister and the intergalactic grind, in this stellar sequel to the classic web series.

  • The Series Reboots

    Episode 1

    The Interstellar Legion's new recognition program has some Troopers thrilled and others skeptical.

  • A Disturbance in HR

    Episode 2

    Mara sees a chance for redemption after bureaucratic sadist Valkyrian Prime puts her on tube duty.

  • The Data Quest

    Episode 3

    Vin and Mara pay a surprisingly sensual visit to tech support on the Router Planet.

  • Birth of the Big Gun

    Episode 4

    As the Legion's pecking order grows increasingly unclear, Dreadlord undermines VP with a "big" idea.

  • Way of the Wayfinder

    Episode 5

    In a land that is definitely not Italy, Vin wrestles with his past as Mara considers a new future.

  • The Secret of UUP

    Episode 6

    Danger, secrets, and something called "happiness" is abound in enemy territory.

  • Return of the Orb

    Episode 7

    Valkyrian Prime unveils a devastating update. Vin's loyalty is tested.

  • The Telltale Trials

    Episode 8

    In pursuit of intel, Una and Gooby humor Mara by assessing her "mastery" of the Way.

  • A Shift in Power

    Episode 9

    War wages between UUP and the Legion. Mara and Vin play to their very limited strengths.

  • Behind the Scenes: The Troopers Universe

    Episode 10

    An exclusive glimpse at the evolution of Troopers, from bigger budgets to bigger stories.

  • Behind the Scenes: Production and Design

    Episode 11

    Get a peek at the skills, inspiration, and teamwork that made the movie magic behind Troopers.